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wrist mala

Wrist Mala: What, Where, How, Why

Your hand is undoubtedly one of the crucial organs of our body. While it is not a vital organ by any means, having one does make our life a lot easier. Our hands can be divided into many smaller chunks/ parts, but among all of them, our wrist is one of the most vulnerable ones. […]

singing bowls benefits and dangers

Benefits and Dangers of Using Tibetan Singing Bowls

At this point, we all know what bowls are and what they are used for. They are everyday household utensils that we use to drink water or contain our food in. But what if the bowl was made with a unique combination of metal alloys that vibrated at a specific frequency? You get an almost […]

all about mala bead guide

All About Beaded Mala | A Quick Guide!

A beaded mala or Beaded Necklace is a staple accessory in the east. Malas are traditional necklaces made from joining single units using a thread or string for the curious ones. You can form Mala of virtually anything, including flowers and stones, and if you go back into history far enough, these were the first […]

how to use mala beads for meditation

How to use a Beaded Mala for Meditation?

Beaded Mala or Garland made from prayer Beads has been among the core religious and spiritual accessories in many cultures and regions worldwide. You can find the use of Mala necklaces from Buddhism to Hinduism and many other aboriginal religions worldwide.  That said, when people think of mala necklaces, most of us immediately think about […]

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