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Frequently Asked Questions

About Company

Nirvana Mala is one of the best wholesalers for Beaded Mala and other Religious, along with spiritual relics that you can use for your everyday meditation practice, rituals, or simply for decor and fashion. 

Nirvana Mala is located in the heart of Nepal, Kathmandu, near Boudha Stupa. 

At Nirvana Mala, our primary product is Tibetan Beaded Mala and Rosary. Besides Beaded Mala, we also house other Tibetan religious and spiritual accessories and meditation accessories. 

Nirvana Mala is home to many top artisans from all over Nepal. They are responsible for carefully crafting the best Beaded Mala and Wrist Mala bracelets. Along with this, our expert artisans also carefully inspect and ensure the quality of our every product, be it rosary/ beaded Mala, or any other religious/spiritual accessory. 

We use certified high quality gemstones on our products and these gemstones are also tested in our own lab.

Order and Delivery

The minimum order is based on the cart policy which you will find individually in products while adding it to cart .

You can place unlimited number of orders you want.

Our all products are based wholesale rate.

The process of buying our product is very simple. All you need to do is search for your desired product, add them to your cart, go to the checkout and fill in your details regarding your preferred payment method.

It takes 3 to 30 days or more based on the type and product you order. After handling to cargo it takes around 7 to 15 days for delivery, based on the service customer choses.

To signup you should click on My Account and register. Write you name, email and password & if your email is correct then message will go to your mail and click on it. Then again write your email and password on our page then your account will be created.

We respect your privacy and take every step we can to protect your personal and financial information. We never share any information you provide to us to any third parties unless legally compelled to do so. The entire checkout process is protected by auctiva’s SSL certificate. So when a buyer enters the checkout process in our store, the address and payment information that they enter is secured. So you can shop at Nirvana mala shop with calmness.

Find the item you want. Add to cart and it will be added to your Shopping cart. Carry on shopping if you want something else. Click Checkout at anytime to see what you’ve selected, change quantities or remove items. When you are ready to buy, click Checkout and Choose Shipping Method. Choose your Payment Option and order verification mail will go to your email account. We’ll get your order ready to send – relax and wait for your item!

We constantly update our product range and prices. All our prices, are valid as shown on the website when you order. We’ll confirm the amount payable before you complete your order. Even if the product price changes, you’ll still be charged this amount.

Unfortunately, once you’ve placed your order, it is not possible to amend any details, as our warehouse team will have already started processing your order!

If something you order is Out of Stock, it will be put on back-order or will be replace by other products and we will do our best to notify you. Back order will be shipped unless you inform us otherwise. If you have a cancel date, please provide it at the time you place your order.

Your order could’ve been cancelled for the following reasons:

  • Item(s) became unavailable after your order was placed
  • Difficulty in processing your payment information
  • Inability to ship to the address provided

Nirvana mala shop saves your all order in your account. After doing login of your account you can check your all order list by clicking on “my order history”.

Shipping, Return & Exchanges, Payment

The shipping costs are according to the weight of the total items selected and varies on countries.

Check our shipping costs page for mor information.


Yes, we do take return and refund. To return an item, you need to contact us immediately and inform us of the reason. You can return new and unopened products 30 days from delivery. If your reason for returning your order is our fault, you will need to notify us within 48 hours of delivery. For more, do checkout our return and refund policy.

If the return is a result of our error like you received an incorrect or defective item, etc., we’ll take it back and also pay the return shipping cost.

We don’t have paypal due to following reasons:

Nepal does not have a strong cyber laws in affect. Hence, its high risk for PayPal to start its operation in Nepal only to know that the law can be completely changed afterwards (as its not in good position right now).
Specific compliance rules in Nepal, political influence or imbalance.

Currently, we accept payment from Stripe only.

Only if there is issue with the product. Change of mind is not applicable.

FAQs for Beaded Mala

The literal translation of Mala is garland. Technically a Mala can be made from anything. However, when people think of Mala, they usually think of a garland made from prayer beads. 

Prayer beads are simply a form of beads created and crafted to be used for prayer. The beads are made from carefully chosen materials and crafted into specific shapes. There are many forms of prayer beads ranging from naturally formed materials to extensively handcrafted ones. 

The primary and most obvious purpose of Mala Beads is to aid in meditation and keep count while saying prayer and breathing exercises. Besides this, depending on the material and mantra carved into the prayer beads, they can also be used for healing, getting closer to spiritual energy, and protecting yourself from negative energies.

Guru Bead or a Meru Bead is a traditional Mala bead that signifies the start and end of one round of the mala cycle. This bead signifies the teacher and is said to hold your prayer and intentions.

There are a lot of reasons why a Beaded mala has 108 beads. Some of the more significant ones are:

  • 108 represents the number of mortal desires that one must overcome to gain Nirvana
  • 108 refers to Spiritual completion in the Yoga
  • In Sanskrit, there are 54 Letters, with each having a masculine and feminine version, i.e., 108 letters.

Depending on the purpose of the Mala, a mala wrist can have 21, 27, and 18 beads.

You drape the Mala over your middle finger on your hand while using the thumb to count the beads. Ensure that you do not touch the beads with your index finger. Also, while there are no rules stating which hand you should wear wrist Mala on, it is generally preferred to wear in the right hand as the left hand is often considered impure in most eastern cultures.

Made In Nepal​

We have local artisans and make handmande mala in Nepal.

Authentic Products

We supply genuine lab tested gems and products.

18 Years of Service

We have 100+ satisfied regular customers.

Worldwide Delivery

We provide economy & express courier service.