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Everything you need to know about Tingsha Bells

In the world of calming sound accessories, there are few that are as simple as Tingsha Bells. They are also known as Tibetan Chimes, Tibetan Cymbals, and Kartals. These simple sound accessories are made from bronze or other metals and are fitted with a cloth or leather strap. As one may expect from their design, they are meant to be used as a pair. However, as simple as they may seem, there are many questions that surround Tingsha Bells.

In this blog, we go in brief about everything you need to know about Tingsha Bells and answer some of your burning questions that would help to make an informed decision about buying Tingsha Bells. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

How are Tingsha Bells made?

plain tingsha bell

Traditionally, the Tibetan Bells were made from a combination of seven sacred metals. These metals are as follows:

  • Gold
  • Mercury
  • Copper
  • Silver
  • Iron
  • Tin
  • Lead

However, in modern times, These bells are generally made from copper, silver, brass, or bronze because of the rarity of some metals. Regardless of the metals used, the process remains the same. The metals are melted and then cast into the form of the cymbals. Then they are cleaned and polished to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the cymbals. Once the polishing process is completed, they are then attached with a fabric or leather strap for ease of use.

What is the frequency of the Tingsha Bells?

When played, the Tingsha Bells produce a strong sound. The frequency of this sound ranges above 2000 Hertz or above. That said, the specific frequency of these meditation bells varies on several factors. These factors include the following:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Method of using

How does the frequency of the Tingsha Bells affect us?

The frequency and the sound that they produce has a deep impact on us. They enhance the spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. Some of the ways in how the frequency of these Tibetan Cymbals affects us are as follows:

  • They promote relaxation and reduce stress
  • Cymbals are used in meditation to ground our emotions
  • They dispel the negative energies and cleanse our spirituality
  • The frequency of the Tibetan Cymbals enhances focus and concentration
  • They aid in enhancing the quality of sleep
  • The frequency promotes emotional healing

These are just some of the benefits for us. Besides these, there are many other benefits of the frequency produced by these bells.

When are Tingsha Bells used?

Tingsha Bells are used on many occasions and in practice. Some of the most common situations when they are used are as follows:

  • Meditation and Mindfulness Practice
  • Yoga Practice
  • Spiritual and Religious Rituals
  • Sound Healing /Therapy and Holistic Healing Practices
  • Enhancing Concentration
  • Emotional Healing and Self-Care Practices
  • Sleep Aid Practices

These are some of the common occasions and practices where we can find the use. That said, besides the ones we mentioned here, an individual can integrate Tingsha Bells in their journey in the spiritual and/or meditational path as well.

How to use Tingsha Bells?

There are many ways to use these Tibetan Bells. However, when one thinks of using the Tingsha bell, they generally mean playing this bell in the traditional way.

To use this bell traditionally, you can follow the process below:

  • Sit in a relaxed way and close your eyes
  • Hold the bell by the strap
  • Give a gentle tap on one of the rims with the other bell
  • Focus on the sound and vibration till the end
  • Once the sound ends, focus on the sounds in the surroundings

Alternatively, you can also strike the bells and rim the edges to produce a continuous harmonic sound.

These are just two of the ways you can use the Tingsha Bells. You can add variations on the use as per your need.

What are the modern and ancient applications of the Tingsha Bells?

eight auspicious symbols tingsha

Although there are some differences between the ancient and modern applications, the majority of the uses often overlap with one another. Therefore, it is safe to say that the use of Tibetan Cymbals has not changed all that much. Regardless, some of the modern and ancient applications are as follows:

Ancient Applications of Tingsha Bells

Although there are many ancient applications of these Tibetan Cymbals, some of the most common ones are as follows:

  • Religious and Spiritual Rituals
  • Meditation and Mindfulness Practice
  • Cleansing Practices
  • Rituals and Ceremonies
  • Monastic Practices
  • Prayers and Offerings

Modern Applications of Tingsha Bells

As mentioned previously, many of the ancient applications of these religious accessories are still applicable in modern times. That said, some of the newer applications are as follows:

  • Yoga and Wellness Practices
  • Stress Reduction and Relaxation Practices
  • Enhancing Concentration and Focus
  • Bedtime Rituals
  • Cultural and Decorative uses

These are some of the modern applications and one of the key aspects to know when talking about everything you need to know about Tingsha Bells. As mentioned prior, many of the traditional and ancient practices are still in practice in modern times. Therefore, the ancient uses are not obsolete and still popular in modern times.

Where should we use Tingsha Bells?

As you may have already guessed from the uses of these Tibetan Cymbals, they can be used in many locations and situations. Some of the most common places to use these bells are as follows:

  • Meditation Spaces
  • Yoga Studios
  • Healing Centers
  • Bedroom
  • Work or Study Spaces
  • Wellness Centers
  • Ceremonial and Ritual Spaces
  • Home Decor Spaces
  • Energy Healing Stations
  • Cultural Events and Festivals
  • Temples and Shrines

Besides these common places, you can use these bells in many other places as well. The choice of where and when to use this religious and spiritual accessory is up to you.

How to Choose Tingsha Bells?

tibetan tingsha bells

The process of choosing the right bells for your use can be a bit confusing. However, there are several factors that you should consider before making the purchase. Some of the key factors to consider before choosing these bells are as follows:

  • Quality and Authenticity of the meditation bells
  • Materials Used
  • Size and Weight
  • The Sound Quality of the Cymbals
  • Designs and Aesthetics of the Bells
  • Straps and Cords
  • Your Intentions for the Purchase
  • Cost

Every one of these factors influences your decision while choosing the right Tibetan Cymbal. The ultimate goal here is to choose the one that aligns with your specific needs. The good news here is that at Nirvana Mala, experts at handicrafts in Nepal, you can choose the perfect Tibetan Tingsha bell for your needs.

How to care for Tingsha Bells?

The Tibetan Cymbals are highly durable ritual accessories. However, they still require some degree of maintenance to enhance their durability. Some of the common and easy ways to care are as follows:

  • Always handle the Tingsha Bells with care
  • Do not drop them as they can dent the rims and handles
  • Clean regularly to avoid the accumulation of dirt and dust
  • Avoid moisture or high humidity
  • Protect them from extreme temperature
  • Store the bells away from dirt, and dust, and keep them in a pouch to avoid damage
  • Check the chords and replace them if damaged
  • Use proper striking and rimming technique to avoid damaging the bells

These are the core ways to maintain these Tibetan Bells.


Tingsha Bells or Cymbals are among the most recognizable ritual and spiritual accessories out there. These meditation bells are widely used for many religious and spiritual purposes. Some of these purposes include enhancing focus, concentration, relaxation, and inner calmness. Along with this, they are also used in a wide range of circumstances. However, before making the purchase, you should consider a few things such as the cost and quality of the accessories. Needless to say, these are just some of the aspects to consider before Buying Tingsha Bells.

In this blog, we talked in brief about everything you need to know about Tingsha Bells. We hope you found this helpful. If you want further insights into various aspects of spiritual and religious accessories, do check out some of our other blogs. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

FAQ on Tingsha Bells

Q: What is the purpose of Tingsha Bells?

A: They serve various purposes some of which include the following:

  • clearing negative energy
  • enhancing mindfulness
  • promoting relaxation
  • playing a role in religious and spiritual rituals
  • enhancing focus and concentration

Q: How do you use Tingsha Bells in meditation practice?

A: To use these Tibetan Bells in meditation, you should follow the process below:

  • Sit in a relaxed position
  • Set your intention
  • Hold the Bells
  • Start your meditation with the ring of Bells
  • Meditate silently and mindfully
  • Use Tingsha Bells to end your session

This is just one of the ways to use these Bells for Meditation.

Q: What is the frequency of Tingsha Bells?

A: The frequency of Tingsha Bells is around 2000 hertz and can go upwards of 2500 hertz.

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