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In both Hinduism and Buddhism, seeds are represented by the term bīja. And although sources do not have specific meanings, they are known to form the best connection between the physical and metaphysical world.

That said, although general seeds do not carry their intrinsic meaning and value, many sources have their own special qualities. An excellent example of this is rudraksha seeds, which are well known to be great aid against bladder disease, memory issues, and respiration issues. This is just one example of a seed mala with its unique perk.

Being one of the biggest wholesalers and distributors of Beaded Seed Mala from Nepal, Nirvana Mala offers you a wide collection and range of Seed Mala to aid you in your path to inner peace!

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Why Seed Mala from Nirvana Mala?

Seeds are among the primary and best-beaded mala reasons because of their intrinsic property of opening up a connection between the physical and spiritual world. Along with this, they are filled with the vitality of their mother plant and the spirit of nature. That said, different seeds have their unique aspect and properties that aid you in multiple ways.

At Nirvana Mala, you can find a wide range of seed mala to fulfil your every beaded Mala needs. You can also customize your own seeded mala and combine the benefits of different seeds. Since Nirvana Mala is among the best and biggest wholesalers of beaded Mala in Nepal, we offer you a wide range of selections and customization options for your seed mala. The question is not why you should buy but rather what is stopping you from buying seed mala from Nirvana Mala!

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