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A knot is more than just twists of string; it symbolizes the union of two realms, the concept of unbreaking bond, eternal peace, and an endless cycle of rebirth. Along with this, a knot also symbolizes the aspect of returning to simplicity. This is why different forms of knots are widely used in religious accessories throughout the world. 

Using different knots helps you better connect with your inner self and understand the string of fate your life goes through. Each knot represents a single node in the timeline of your future. It is said that when you know all 108 knots in a knotted beaded mala, you can finally unveil the truth behind the veil of fate. 

Due to these very same reasons, knots are also used in Wrist Mala, essentially mini versions of 108 knotted Mala. Now, you can get the best Hand Knotted Mala at one of the best wholesalers in Nepal, Nirvana Mala!

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Showing 1–12 of 48 results

Benefits of Hand Knotted Wrist Mala 

Knots are more than just twists of strings; they symbolize the eternal cycle. That said, the meaning of knots can change with their type, the line, and the material they are paired with. For instance, the mystic and eternal knots are two types of knots that have two different effects. 

Mystic knots attract the harmonious flow of positive energies within your surroundings to yourself. At the same time, the eternal knot is known for enhancing your connection with the spiritual world and inner self. 

At Nirvana Mala, you can get the best of hand-knotted mala, along with hand-knotted mala supported by a wide range of loose beads such as Amber beads, Bodhi Seed Beads, and more.

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You can buy a wide range of the best Hand-Knotted Wrist Malas at Nirvana Mala. Whether you seek the eternity knots or Mantra Hand knots, Nirvana has your back. You can get our Hand Knotted wrist mala in the price range of $2.80 to $4.50. 

However, you can get our hand-knotted wrist mala even cheaper with a 3% discount on every product. You can contact our best hand-knotted wrist mala within six days from the day of your order. However, if you place a bulk order, there can be up to three days of delay in packaging and processing.