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Although materials made from bones are sometimes considered to be filled with malicious intent in some western cultures, it is the opposite in Buddhism and other eastern cultures. In the east, bones are seen as a reminder that regardless of how much pain or gain we have, we will eventually leave our physical body and enter into the cycle of rebirth.

Because of this, bones are said to be holy and contain the spirit of life. They are among the few things that can survive for eons after our physical body disappears. Naturally, bones are considered to have grounding properties while also having the ability to open up your mind.

Get all the benefits of bone beads in your hands with Bone Wrist Mala from Nirvana Mala.

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Benefits of bone wrist mala

Bone beads are considered to have the perfect balance between life and death energies. They are known for keeping us grounded and preventing negative energies from entering our bodies and spiritual world. Along with this, meditating with bone wrist mala also helps you get a deeper understanding of your own body and mental state of being,

Although our Bone Wrist Mala doesn’t have 108 beads, they contain beads in the factor of 108. Due to this, you will have no problem performing meditations with Bone wrist mala from one of the biggest wholesalers and distributors of beaded mala in Nepal, Nirvana Mala!

Besides the benefits, since our bone wrist mala is carefully crafted by some of the best artisans in Nepal, you can also wear it as a fashion statement. So the question we have for you is, what’s stopping you from wearing the best bone wrist mala from us?

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