Amber Wrist Mala

Best Resin Amber Wrist Mala at Nirvana Mala

Due to its golden lustre and beauty, Amber is one of the most known beads, whether for Wrist Mala, Beaded Mala, or other forms of craftsmanship. However, this so-called gemstone is more than just a pretty fossil.

Contrary to ordinary belief, amber is not a gemstone but a fossilized resin. Because of their unusual origins, i.e. plant sap that has been fossilized underground for millions of years, amber has some unique qualities that can aid you in your meditation and spiritual journey!

Heal yourself and improve your physical and mental flexibility with resin Amber Wrist Mala from one of the biggest wholesalers of beaded mala in Nepal – Nirvana Mala!

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Showing all 6 results

Benefits of Amber Wrist Mala

Amber is well known for its healing and therapeutic properties. Praying with Amber Mala aids you in calming your mind down and connecting with the spiritual world. But along with this, simply wearing amber wrist mala can also aid you in controlling the pain from rheumatism, arthritis, and other forms of ache. 

While Amber Wrist Mala does indeed have fewer beads than the typical 108 beaded mala, there will not be any issue during your meditation. Since the numbers of beads in our Wrist Mala are factors of 108, you can do a few rounds to achieve the perfect meditative state you get from 108 beaded Amber Mala. 

Besides the functional purpose, Resin Amber Beads from Nirvana Mala are naturally attractive with different shades of gold and silver. Therefore, you can wear it for a fashion statement. 

Buy the best Resin Amber Wrist Mala only at Nirvana Mala

Amber Mala is among the most popular beaded mala. And at Nirvana mala, you can get all the benefits of 108 beaded amber mala but with a smaller package. Our resin amber wrist mala price ranges from $2.50 to $3.30. Since they have fewer beads than their 108 counterparts, they are also cheaper. 

However, you can get the best resin amber wrist mala from one of the biggest wholesalers in Nepal at a lower price since we offer a 3% discount on all products! Along with this, we understand that your time is precious. As such, we will deliver your order within six working days from the time of order. 

That said, if you place a bulk order, the delivery date can extend up to three days depending on the bulk size because of packaging and processing.