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Seeds are the beads of life; seeds are the purest and the most natural form of dots in the world. Trees are naturally the closest connection we have between us and nature, and seeds are the birthplace of trees. So, it should not be surprising that seeds have natural and mysterious ways to aid us. 

The most obvious one is to provide us with food and energy. However, when turned into beaded mala, they also aid us by enhancing the connection between us and the spiritual world and helping us recover. Besides this, although seeds themselves do not have any special properties of their own, they do take on the properties of their tree. 

Now, you can get the best Seed Wrist Mala from the best wholesaler of Buddhist beaded mala in Nepal, Nirvana Mala, and feel nature aid you through Seed Wrist Mala!

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Benefits of Seed Wrist Mala 

Seeds are among the few materials that are naturally free from any negative energies. Also, seeds are among the few materials that do not have their innate property besides forming a connection between the physical and metaphysical world. 

But depending on their tree; seeds can have their set of benefits. The good news is that you can choose from a wide range of seed wrist mala. You can choose your Seeded Beads and have your own customized seed wrist mala.

We are among the biggest wholesaler of beaded mala in Nepal, so this is somewhat expected from us- and we promise to deliver your expectations. 

Buy the best Seed Wrist Mala from Nirvana Mala.

Nirvana Mala has a wide range of Seed Wrist Mala to choose from. Along with the variety in products, we also provide you with a variety in the price range. You can get our Seed Wrist Mala in the price range of $2.50 to $8.90. So regardless of your budget, we have got the perfect Seed Wrist Mala for you. Now, with our ongoing 3% discount, you can get our wrist mala for an even lower price. 

Along with the best price, we also provide you with the best delivery time. Our products will get delivered to you within six working days from the day of your order. However, if you place a bulk order, the delivery time can extend up to three days for processing and packaging.