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Prayer Flags are some of the most recognizable Tibetan religious accessories. Although the Tibetan Prayer Flag looks simple, this spiritual and cultural accessory has a lot of significance in both Tibetan and Buddhist cultures. Did you know that depending on the color of the Buddhist prayer flags and the mantra imbued in them, each flag can have its unique meaning, significance, and perks

Did you also know that these flags are always arranged in specific order going from Blue, White, Red, Green, and Yellow from left to right?

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Benefits of Tibetan Prayer Flags from Nirvana Mala

There is a misconception that Tibetan Prayer Flags carry prayers to gods. This is not the case as Tibetan prayer flags promote peace, compassion, inner strength, and wisdom on earth. It is believed that the winds of the hills will blow the winds of wisdom inscribed in the Tibetan prayer flags across the words.

Having Hawaiian Prayer Flags in your surroundings is said to remove negative energies and enhance your natural perception. By meditating in the presence of Himalayan Prayer flags, you can see the truth of the world behind the veil of reality. Hawaiian meditation gives the best relief to the soul.

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