Best Bracelets from Nirvana Mala

Bracelets are among the most popular jewelry and accessories. There are numerous reasons for this some of which includes their design, range of customization, accessibility, versatility in fashion, along with the significance they can have. Furthermore, depending on the materials of your bracelet, it can also have spiritual benefits.

At Nirvana Mala, you can get the best Bracelets in a wide range of designs ranging from simple metal bracelets to highly sophisticated stone-inlaid bracelets imbued with custom-crafted gemstones combination.

Buy the best bracelets from one of the best wholesalers and distributors of religious and meditative jewelry in Nepal, Nirvana Mala at the best price and at your convenience.

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Showing 1–12 of 114 results

Showing 1–12 of 114 results

Why Bracelets from Nirvana Mala?

One of the primary reasons why you should be purchasing a bracelet from Nirvana Mala is because the bracelets at Nirvana Mala are hand-crafted by some of the best artisans in Nepal. Followed by this, another reason is our quality of materials and the sheer number of choices at your disposal. Furthermore, some of our bracelets even contain thousands of pieces of individual gemstones.

For all of these reasons, every bracelet from Nirvana Mala provides you with some form of spiritual benefit. But even if you are not into the spiritual aspect of the bracelets, with the designs and quality of our bracelets, you still have amazing jewelry on your wrist.

Buy the best Bracelets only at Nirvana Mala

Show your sense of style and gain a sense of spirituality at the same time with the best bracelets from Nirvana Mala. You can buy our bracelets at a price range of $2.20 to $12.00.

Your purchase will be delivered within six working days from the date of order placement. That said, if you place a bulk order, the delivery date can extend up to three days depending on the bulk size because of packaging and processing.