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12 Most Popular Crystals and Their Meanings

Crystals are generally known for their beauty. They are admired for their immense beauty and their mystical properties. Therefore, crystals are used in many spiritual and ritual accessories, such as mala necklaces and wrist mala bracelets. But crystals are not just limited to their beauty and healing properties. They also have deep meanings as well. The question here is, what are these meanings?

In this blog, we discuss some popular crystals and their meanings. So, with this in mind, let’s get started!


amethyst crystal meaning

Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals. This crystal is famed for its beauty and is deeply associated with spirituality. This crystal stone signifies the aspects of calmness and balance. Furthermore, accessories made from or with Amethyst like amethyst wrist mala and mala necklace also signifies the aspects of spiritual awareness, protection, and purification as well. Furthermore, Amethyst also signifies the connection to higher realms.


amazonite crystal meaning

This is a spiritual crystal that is popular because of its unique appearance and spiritual properties. This crystal stone signifies the aspects of harmony, balance, and expression. It also signifies communication along with empowerment and self-discovery. Wearing accessories made from or with Amazonite, such as Amazonite wrist mala and mala necklace, aids in the activation of the heart chakra.


aquamarine crystal meaning

This crystal is also known as the stone of the sea. Aquamarine shows the meaning of cleansing and purification. Furthermore, this crystal also shows the meaning of communication and expression as well. Additionally, due to its association with water, the aquamarine crystal also means calmness and serenity. This association also adds the meaning of love and enhanced emotion to the accessories made from this crystal, such as aquamarine mala and aquamarine wrist mala.

Rose Quartz

rose quartz meaning

This crystal is often referred to as the love stone. Rose Quartz is a beautiful crystal from the quartz family, and it gives the meaning of love, emotional stability, and compassion. Furthermore, this quartz crystal also encourages self-love and develops empathy. It also helps in dealing with emotional wounds. Therefore, wearing accessories made from or with rose quartz is considered good for emotional and mental health.

Clear Quartz

clear crystal meaning

As its name suggests, clear quartz is a pure and clear quartz. This crystal is deeply associated with the aspect of healing. Because of this aspect, clear quartz is often called a master healing crystal. The clear quartz crystal is also commonly associated with meditation and higher consciousness as well. Therefore, accessories such as clear crystal mala and wrist mala are an excellent tool for anyone who seeks mental clarity, spiritual growth, and balance in their lives.


citrine quartz meaning

Citrine is a beautiful crystal with a yellow tint. There is a deep association between the color of this crystal and its meaning. Just like its color, this crystal signifies the meaning of happiness, warmth, and comfort. Furthermore, citrine is also associated with the symbolisms of joy, self-confidence, and creativity as well. Therefore, accessories made from or with citrine, such as citrine wrist mala and citrine mala necklaces, are popular choices for those seeking happiness and abundance.


agate crystal meaning

Agate is another beautiful crystal stone with deep meanings and significance. This stone means the aspects of balance, protection, and grounding. Along with this, agate also signifies the aspects of harmony and calmness. Additionally, there is also an aspect of healing and protection attached to the meaning and significance of this crystal. The combination of these spiritual meanings and its beauty makes it one of the most popular crystals out there.


calcite crystal meaning

Calcite is a beautiful crystal that comes in a wide range of colors. This crystal has several spiritual meanings and metaphysical properties. Therefore, it is widely used in accessories such as calcite mala necklaces and wrist mala bracelets. Now, the specific meaning can vary depending on the context. However, this crystal stone generally holds the meaning of clarity, mental strength, and emotional healing. It is also associated with the aspect of spiritual growth, cleansing, and purification as well.

carnelian crystal meaning

Carnelian is a vibrant stone and is famed for its beauty. Along with its beauty, this stone has deep spiritual meaning and significance as well. Some of these meanings of carnelian stones include enhanced courage, deep motivation, uplifted confidence, and enhanced creativity. Furthermore, it also signifies the aspects of vitality and increased self-awareness as well. The combination of all of these aspects makes this carnelian highly popular as a spiritual crystal.


coral crystal meaning

Coral is a beautiful and organic crystal. This gemstone is deeply associated with the aspects of vitality and vigor. Furthermore, it is also prized for its beauty and spiritual meanings. This semi-precious gemstone signifies the aspects of protection, emotional healing, and connection to water. Furthermore, it also represents the aspects of fertility and motherhood as well. Wearing accessories made from or with coral stone enhances the energy and aids in the physical recovery of the user. Therefore, this is a highly valued gemstone for its beauty and spiritual meaning.


hematite crystal meaning

Hematite is a beautiful crystal that is usually found in shades of metallic gray and silver-black. This crystal has been used for centuries due to its spiritual meaning. Hematite stone signifies the aspects of grounding, stability, protection, and balance of energies. Furthermore, it also signifies the meanings of enhanced focus and concentration. The combination of these meanings makes this crystal deeply spiritually significant. Additionally, the aesthetic appeal of hematite mala and wrist mala adds to the allure of this spiritual stone.


jade stone meaning

Jade is a beautiful and culturally significant crystal gemstone. There are various spiritual meanings attached to this crystal. Some of these meanings include deep protection, flourishing wealth and status, and enhanced clarity. Furthermore, wearing accessories made from or with this gemstone such as jade stone mala and wrist mala is said to enhance courage and deepen one’s connection to nature. Along with these spiritual meanings, jade stone also signifies the aspect of ethereal beauty as well. The combination of all of these meanings makes this crystal stone highly spiritually significant.
In the world of spirituality, crystals play a crucial role. This is because crystals are believed to have healing properties and deep spiritual meanings. There are many popular crystals, and their meanings are just as numerous as the crystals. These meanings include common ones like enhanced protection and insight to rarer ones like royalty and fortune. Furthermore, these meanings can change depending on the context and use of these crystals.

In this blog, we talked about some of the most popular crystals and their meanings. We hope you found this helpful. If you want further insights into the world of various spiritual accessories, do check out some of our other blogs. And, if you want the best crystal spiritual accessories in Nepal, do let us know at Nirvana Mala; experts at handicrafts in Nepal. Thank you for reading till the end.

FAQ on crystal and their meaning

What are crystals, and why are they significant?

They are significant for their aesthetic beauty, deep spiritual meanings, and their perceived metaphysical properties.

Can anyone use crystals, or is it for a specific group of people?

Crystals are accessible to anyone interested in exploring their potential benefits. They are used by people from various backgrounds, belief systems, and spiritual practices. In other words, anyone can use crystals, and they are not limited to specific types of people.

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