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The Meaning of Patterns in Tibetan Dzi Beads

The world of spiritual accessories is vast and numerous. There are plenty of accessories to choose from, and all of them are equally astounding and mysterious. Among many such spiritual accessories, accessories made from or with Tibetan Dzi beads are one of the most iconic ones. They are attractive to look at and have a unique presence. Furthermore, the various patterns in the Tibetan Dzi beads also add to the aesthetic appeal of these beads. However, did you know that these patterns have their specific meanings? So, what are the meanings of patterns in Tibetan Dzi Beads?

In this blog, we talk about the various patterns in Tibetan Dzi Beads and their meanings. So, with this in mind, let’s get started!

Meanings of Patterns in Tibetan Dzi Beads

Meanings of Patterns in Dzi Beads

As you may have known, not all Dzi beads are the same. There are various types of Dzi beads, and they can be differentiated based on their patterns. But did you know that each of these patterns has its own meaning?

Now after coming across this information, many of you may wonder, what are the meanings of patterns in Tibetan Dzi Beads? Following are the types of patterns in Dzi beads and the meaning behind them.

Nectar Vessel

Nectar Vessels are relatively uncommon types of beads. They have heart-like patterns encased within a crown pattern. This type of Dzi beads signifies good luck. Therefore, wearing nectar vessel Dzi beads is said to bring good luck in health and wealth to the users. Furthermore, it also represents wisdom and enlightenment as well.

Money Hook

Money Hook is one of the popular patterns in Dzi Beads. As its name signifies, the money hook pattern in Dzi beads signifies financial prosperity. Additionally, using accessories with this Dzi bead brings good fortune in the financial aspect to the user. Additionally, this bead is also powerful and is said to begin working from the first day.

Big Man (Aristocrat)

The Aristocrat pattern or Big Man pattern signifies protection and perseverance. Wearing Dzi beads made with this pattern protects the user from the influence of negative energies. Furthermore, it also enhances self-confidence and attracts goodwill towards the user.

Lightning Mystic Knot

This is a popular Dzi Bead pattern that is associated with resilience and perseverance. Wearing Dzi beads with this pattern helps you to withstand negative influences, overcome obstacles, and attract luck and wealth.


The Lotus Dzi bead signifies beauty and long life. Wearing accessories made from or with this patterned bead boosts the inner attractiveness of the user. Furthermore, this bead also helps in cleansing the negative karma and provides the blessings of all the Buddhas.

Sun, Moon, and Universe

The Sun, Moon, and Universe patterned Dzi beads signify the aspects of balance and oneness. This aspect of balance aids the user to realize their inner mission and gain inner insight. Furthermore, it also enhances the self-awareness of the user as well.

Phoenix’s Eye

The Phoenix’s eye is a classic and iconic pattern in the Tibetan Dzi beads. This pattern signifies rebirth, restoration, and focus. As you may guess from the significance, using Dzi beads with this pattern enhances the focus and inner healing ability.

These are some of the meanings of patterns in Tibetan Dzi beads. However, as you may have noticed, we haven’t talked about the meaning associated with the eye pattern of these beads. But why?

Meaning of various eye patterns in Tibetan Dzi Bead

eye patterns in Dzi Bead

The reason why we kept this part separate from the rest is because there is more than one type of eye pattern in Dzi beads. There are twenty-six types of eye patterns in these beads. So, with this in mind, the following are these types of eye patterns and their meanings.

One Eye Pattern

This pattern in the Dzi bead signifies wisdom, calmness, purpose, and happiness. Along with this, it also signifies balance and protection.

Two Eye Pattern

The two-eye pattern signifies the aspects of love, marriage, and happiness. This pattern is deeply associated with the aspect of relationships, including sexual, parental, and platonic ones.

Three Eye Pattern

This pattern represents the aspects of success, health and fortune. This pattern is also regarded as the eye of luck in some cultures.

Four Eye Pattern

The four-eye Dzi beads pattern represents protection from the four cardinal directions. It also represents wisdom and enlightenment. The Meaning of Patterns in Tibetan Dzi Beads.

Five Eye Pattern

The five eye Dzi bead is considered as the harbinger of good finance. Furthermore, it also signifies the five elements of nature, i.e. earth, wind, fire, water, and emptiness.

Six Eye Pattern

The six-eye pattern represents good luck, good health, and longevity. This pattern also signifies complete control of six emotions. These emotions are anger, dismay, mindlessness, aggression, ignorance, and sadness.

Seven Eye Pattern

The seven-eye pattern signifies the aspects of popularity and glory. Additionally, it also signifies the deep connection with the Ursa Major constellation, also known as the great bear constellation.

Eight Eye Pattern

The eight-eye Dzi bead signifies the aspect of harmony and peace. Wearing this Dzi bead brings inner peace and calmness to the user. Furthermore, it also protects the user from the influence of evil energies.

Nine Eye Pattern

Nine Eye Pattern dzi bead

The nine-eye Dzi bead is also known as the start of prosperity and heaven protection. As you can guess from the name itself, this pattern represents protection and prosperity.

Ten Eye Pattern

This bead represents luck in career, private life, and authority. Additionally, it also represents the aspect of positive influence as well.

Eleven Eye Pattern

This patterned Dzi bead signifies the clarity of mind and heavenly thoughts. It also signifies good intentions, successful beginnings and completion of projects.

Twelve Eye Pattern

This bead is considered a positive talisman for all the risk takers. It fortifies courage, attracts authority and increases the chances of success in any and all endeavors.

Thirteen Eye Pattern

The thirteen-eye Dzi bead represents enlightenment, calmness, and peace of mind. Furthermore, it also represents the purity of heart and freedom from the delusions of life.

Fourteen Eye Pattern

This bead is meant for those who wish to change their consciousness and achieve breakthroughs in personal activities. This Dzi bead helps to open up the full capacity of the users.

Fifteen Eye Pattern

This bead signifies the aspect of enjoyment and contentment. It enhances the feeling of enjoyment and allows the user to feel the joy of new opportunities.

Sixteen Eye Pattern

The Sixteen Eye Dzi beads signify the aspect of sudden luck and fulfillment of wishes. Wearing this bead aids those who are in serious distress and helps them in surpassing their limits.

Seventeen Eye Pattern

The eye pattern embodies the aspect of enlightenment and realization. This bead is highly helpful to people who are associated with various forms of literature.

Eighteen Eye Pattern

This pattern in Dzi beads signifies resilience. Wearing eighteen-eye Dzi beads prevents the user from falling into temptations such as gambling, alcohol, and drugs.

Nineteen Eye Pattern

The nineteen-eye pattern signifies the aspect of wish fulfillment. Wearing this bead enhances the opportunities for the user to fulfill their wishes.

Twenty Eye Pattern

This pattern of Dzi beads signifies the aspect of separation and control. According to Tibetan culture, wearing Dzi beads with this pattern helps the user to separate themselves from addictions and negative behavior.

Twenty-One Eye Pattern

This bead is also known as the Wishmaster and signifies the aspects of fulfillment. It also signifies authority and power.

Twenty-Seven Eye Pattern

The twenty-seven pattern Dzi bead represents the aspects of clear consciousness and enhanced sensitivity. Wearing these beads enhances the emotional and mental sensitivity of the user.

Thirty-Six Eye Pattern

This Dzi bead represents the aspects of healing and purification. Having this bead by the side grants protection from evil influences, especially for those who travel frequently.

Fifty-Four Eye Pattern

This bead signifies the aspect of rejuvenation and inner freedom. Having Fifty-Four Eye Pattern Dzi beads in the surroundings brings harmony, inner peace, and self-confidence.

Seventy-Two Eye Pattern

This pattern represents the connection between space and the unknown. Furthermore, the seventy-two-eye Dzi bead is associated with luck and deepens one’s connection with time and space as well.

One Hundred Eight Eye Pattern

The one hundred and eight eyes Dzi bead signifies the protection and blessings of 108 Buddhas. Furthermore, this bead is also associated with prosperity and good luck.


Dzi beads are one of the most iconic spiritual accessories. However, not all Dzi beads are the same. There are many patterns in Dzi Beads. Furthermore the meanings of the patterns in Tibetan Dzi beads change the significance of these beads.

In this blog, we talked about the significance behind these patterns. We hope you found this helpful. If you want further insights into similar topics, do check out some of our other blogs. And if you want to buy the best Dzi Beads in Nepal, do visit us at Nirvana Mala Shop. Thank you for reading till the end.

FAQ on Dzi Patterns and their meanings

Do the number of eyes on a Dzi bead have specific meanings?

Yes, the number of eyes on a Dzi bead is significant. Generally, more eyes are associated with higher spiritual power and protection.

Can the patterns on Dzi beads be interpreted differently by different cultures?

Yes, interpretations of Dzi bead patterns can vary across different cultures and regions. That said, the general theme behind the patterns remains the same.

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