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Brass is an alloy composed of Copper and Zinc. As with all copper alloys, brass beads contain antimicrobial properties. However, unlike copper, brass is strong. Because of this, brass is also known as an alloy of purity and strength. 

Brass beads share these same traits, and when they are turned into beads with intricate carvings, it is said to grant the wearer benefits regarding strength and clarity of mind along with healing. 

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Benefits of Brass Beads 

As brass is a copper alloy, it contains antibacterial properties. When turned into a mantra mala bead or beads for Japa mala, wrist mala is an aid to transfer some of this property into your body and boost the natural healing ability of your body. In addition to this, wearing a mala, pendant, and wrist mala made from brass beads will aid you in gaining a better clarity of your mind while at the same time strengthening your resolve. 

You can also combine Tibetan Brass with any other compatible beads and have your own custom beaded experience.

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However, if you make a bulk purchase, the delivery date can extend up to three days for packaging and processing.