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Bones represent many aspects, most of which are related to death and end. Although death and end are seen as evil in many cultures around the world, in Buddhism, they are just another part of the infinite karmic cycle. As such, Yak bones are seen in a positive light and a representation of the transition from the physical world to the metaphysical world. Along with this, they are also a reminder of the fact that everything has an end, including all the worries and problems.

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Yak Bone Mala Benefits

Bones beads represent many things, among which bravery and safety are two of the most prominent ones. Wearing accessories made from or with Yak Bone beads protects you from all forms of negative energy and enhances the positivity within you. Along with this, another aspect of yak bone beads is wisdom, and bones are commonly considered the container of wisdom from life. As such, Yak Bone Mala also grants its wearer an enhanced sense of comprehension and insight. Besides this, bone beads accessories such as  Yak Bone Mala are a reminder that nothing in this world lasts forever including all our worries and stress.

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