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About Us

We are Nirvana Mala Shop, a family-owned business located near Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal. Registered as Lotus Handicrafts under Nepal Government in 2002 AD Nirvana Mala is owned by Dipendra Lal Banya and managed by Ankit Gupta.


The journey of Lotus Handicrafts began in 2002 AD. Since then, the founder of Nirvana Mala, Dipendra worked with his uncle for nearly a decade to bring Nirvana Mala to this point and become one of the best wholesalers of Mala, along with other religious and spiritual accessories. 


After enough experience and knowledge, he started his own business. Luckily he got the shop inside the circle of Boudha Nath Stupa. After that, he got many international clients. 

The online business of Nirvana Mala was started through email for wholesale orders. 


Once the online business began, Nirvana Mala quickly made a business of over two hundred thousand pieces of Mala and ritual accessories through email and website.

Nirvana Mala Shop

Why Choose Nirvana Mala Shop
to Buy Mala Beads ?

High-Quality Handcrafted Products

We have our own team of artisans dedicated to creating some of the best Beaded Mala and Rosaries for you. Along with this, our experienced artisans also carefully inspect outsourced products to ensure that you get the best High Qualify Handcrafted accessories!

Multipurpose Accessories and Artifacts

You can get a wide range of artifacts at an affordable price. But our products are more than what meets the eye. Regardless of what products you purchase from us - they have great visual appeal along with their functionality. Therefore, you can use them as Relics, Decor and Fashion statements, along with their intended use!

Affordable Price and Discounts

Nirvana Mala is home to thousands of products -and with a wide range of products, it follows a wide range of prices. As such, we are home to the best artefacts at the best price for your budget. Furthermore, we are the best wholesaler in Nepal, so you can always find decent discounts for every bulk purchase!

Thousands of Choices

You can filter and choose from thousands of religious and spiritual accessories. Regardless of what your needs are, we have got the accessory to fit your every need. Furthermore, you can place a custom order and get the perfect artefact in sync with your heart!

Worldwide Shipping

Are you worried about your location not being covered under our shipping? Worry no more since we provide our products to every corner of the world. With our worldwide shipping, regardless of where you are, you can order our products without any worries!

Custom Design Malas

We also make custom-made mala designs per your specifications. Just let us know what beads and design you want, along with your wrist size. We will create it for you based on your requirements at an affordable price.

our mission and vision

Our Mission And Vision

Mission and Goal

We aim to serve people by providing genuine products. We mainly encourage Nepali handmade products that help develop local artisans' traditional skills and lifestyles.


Our vision is rather simple; to spread Nepali and Buddhist culture through the aid of Beaded Mala and other religious and spiritual accessories. Along with this, we envision a day where our name Nirvana Mala becomes synonymous with every Buddhist accessory globally!

What does Nirvana Mala Shop do?

We, Nirvana Mala Shop design Mala necklace and wrist malas bracelet, ourselves. The remainder of the products is sourced from various art stores and makers. We’ve got an expert in various handicraft products and Buddhist ritual items, and they include:

You can make sure that our products are quality guaranteed. We happily receive returns and exchanges.

In short- we are home to some of the best-crafted beaded mala and every religious/ spiritual accessory you can need with a wide range of expertly crafted choices at the best price!

We are Nirvana Mala: The best wholesaler and Distributers of Beaded Mala and Handcrafted Artifacts in Nepal!

Looking for handmade Mala Beads in wholesale?

We are both wholesaler and retailer of all kinds of mala beads necklace, bracelets, singing bowls and more.

Made In Nepal​

We have local artisans and make handmande mala in Nepal.

Authentic Products

We supply genuine lab tested gems and products.

18 Years of Service

We have 100+ satisfied regular customers.

Worldwide Delivery

We provide economy & express courier service.