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Although accessories from bones are considered evil and dark in many cultures worldwide, in Buddhism and Hinduism, bones have a positive meaning. In these religions, bones serve as a reminder that death is inevitable. Therefore we must live our lives with compassion and love. 

Bones are also considered among the purest materials since they remain in our existence after the soul leaves us. Because of this, yak bone beads mala are closely connected with grounding and the opening of your mind. 

Now, you can get the best tibetan yak bone mala beads from one of the biggest wholesalers of Beaded Mala in Nepal, Nirvana Mala. Nirvana Mala offers you a wide range of bone prayer beads that are carefully crafted by some of the best artisans in Nepal.

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Bone Mala Benefits

Bones are a few materials that have both the essence of life and death. Because of this, they are considered among the few materials that have the perfect balance between the life and death energies, i.e., positive and negative energies. This makes religious and spiritual accessories made from Bone among the best materials to stay grounded in reality. 

This gives bone accessories the unique ability to let our mind wander into the spiritual world and feel calm while being aware of our surroundings, making Tibetan Bone Malas perfect accessories for meditation. At Nirvana Mala, you can get this benefit on your hands with our best bone-beaded mala! Along with all of this, Bone Beaded Malas are some of the best mala to use while practicing grounding techniques for anxiety and anger.

Besides this, wearing a bone mala beads necklace is always a cool fashion statement. You can wear bone mala together along with many fashion wears! 

Buy the best Bone Mala Beads from Nirvana Mala

Although bone is among the few controversial materials in the western materials for necklaces, as per the eastern culture and religions, it is among the purest material with amazing benefits, now you can buy fashionable and best bone prayer beads mala at Nirvana Mala. 

Being one of the biggest wholesalers of Malas in Nepal, we offer you many designs varying from yak bone skull mala beads to yak bone mala beads. Along with the wide range, we naturally offer a wide range of prices. Our price ranges from $4.20 to $19.80.

As we value your time, we promise to deliver your bone mala necklace within six working days from your purchase date. That said, if you place a bulk order, the delivery date may be pushed up to three days for packaging and processing.