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Best Loose Beads Mala at Nirvana Mala

Regardless of your choice for beaded Mala, be it conch shell beaded mala or Dzi stone beaded Mala, they are created from loose beads. You can even say that loose mala beads are the building blocks of all the beaded Malas.

While it is indeed easy to have ready-made Malas, the feeling of creating a versatile accessory such as a beaded mala with your own hands is a different form of satisfaction. Well, we have good news for you; with a wide range of exquisitely crafted loose beads from Nirvana Mala, you are a string away from creating your own exquisite beaded mala!

Be it a simple three eyes Tibetan Dzi Stone Bead or an exquisitely crafted Tibetan Inlaid Brass Loose Bead; we have the perfect beads for your beaded Mala. Nirvana Mala is among the biggest and best wholesalers and distributors of mala and other religious/spiritual accessories.

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Why loose beads mala from Nirvana Mala?

Loose beads mala are the perfect materials for exploring your creative and artistic side. You can choose and combine our loose beads in any shape or form for your beaded Mala or any other form of beaded art. 

On top of this, loose beads from Nirvana are made from among the best raw materials and are carefully crafted by some of the best artisans in Nepal. Doing this ensures that every single bead on your beaded mala or beaded wrist mala is uniform and of the highest quality. Through this, we ensure that you have the smoothest meditation and spiritual experience. 

Additionally, our loose mala beads are attractive enough to be turned into a statement on their own. The question is not why you should buy loose beads from Nirvana Mala, but what’s stopping you from doing so! 

Get wholesale loose mala beads at Nirvana Mala

Create your own beaded mala with affordable and exquisite loose beads from Nirvana Mala. Each loose bead at Nirvana Mala is carefully crafted and designed by the best artisans in Nepal. But just because they are exquisitely crafted doesn’t mean they are expensive. You can get them within the price range of $3.50 to $18.90! 

As one of the best wholesalers and distributors of Beaded Mala and loose beads in Nepal, we promise to deliver your order within six working days. That said, our delivery date can extend up to three days if your order is in large packages for processing and packaging.