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Get the best Buddhist Prayer Boxes/ Ghau at Nirvana Mala

Buddhist Prayer Boxes are among the religious accessories you can find worldwide, regardless of which religion you follow. At its core, a Tibetah ghau box is just a box where you store your deepest wish, prayers, and wishes desires.

With a Buddhist prayer box/ Tibetan Meditation Box from one of the best wholesalers of ritual and prayer accessories in Nepal, and experts at handicrafts in Nepal,  you can now store your deepest desires and fears and let Lord Buddha’s grace help you gain your wish.

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Why buy Buddhist Prayer Boxes/ Ghau from Nirvana Mala?

The prayer box/ Ghau box from Nirvana is one of the best tools you can use to express your deepest desires and fears. By writing them down and putting them in the Buddist prayer box, you can not just vent out but also cleanse your mind.

In addition, our prayer box/ that are intrinsically carved by some of the best artisans in Nepal. Therefore, it can serve as a great fashion accessory and a decor piece. Besides this, our Prayer box/ Ghau is a great and attractive way to store your wishlist.

Buy the best Prayer box/ Ghau only at Nirvana Mala

Regardless of your wishes, desires, and fears, a prayer box/ Ghau is one of the best and most attractive ways to store them. The intrinsically carved designs and their pocket size make our prayer box both functional and fashionable.

Furthermore, with only $2.70 to $8.40 and a wide range of designs, we let you connect your prayers and wishes to the metaphysical realm.

You will receive your order within six working days from the date of your order. However, if you order buddhist prayer boxes in bulk, the delivery date can extend up to three more days for processing and packaging.