Khata / Tibetan scarf

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Khata or Tibetan Scarf is a traditional scarf in Buddhism and Tibetan culture that is commonly given to friends, family, and other respected members of a society to congratulate them on their achievements. Along with this, Khata is also given to a person of high status as a form of welcoming to an event or an occasion.

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Showing all 2 results

Why Khata/ Tibetan Scarf from Nirvana Mala?

Khata or Tibetan scarf is a symbol of welcome and accomplishment. This Tibetan garment is meant to be given to someone to show respect, appreciation, or gratitude. They are made from silk, cotton, and polyester. They are imbued with the best Tibetan designs and buddha depictions.

Furthermore, although they are usually plain or with simple designs, you can buy some with inlaid gold and/or silver threads. Besides being used for celebration, you can use this garment as a decor piece to show accomplishments as well.

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