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tibetan mala beads

Is it okay to wear mala beads?

The world of religious and spiritual accessories is vast. Therefore, there are many religious and spiritual accessories out there. One such set of religious and spiritual accessories is mala beads. Now, if you are familiar with this accessory, you know that there are many types of mala beads. Furthermore, you may also know these beads can be transformed into many other accessories. However, have you ever wondered is it okay to wear mala beads?

The simple answer to this question is Yes, it is. While the specifics of the rules may vary depending on the religion and/or sect you are in, wearing mala beads should not be a problem. But there are a few things you should consider before wearing mala beads. In this blog, we talk about these factors. Along with this, we also briefly discuss the significance of mala beads.

With this in mind, let’s get started with the blog.

What is the Essence of Mala beads?

loose dzi beads

The individual mala beads are used in a wide range of spiritual accessories. Therefore, when used in these accessories, the essence of the mala beads changes. However, the individual beads themselves have their own essence. While the specific essence will vary depending on the nature of the beads, there are some general ones that we can mention. Some of the key essence of mala beads are as follows:

1. Guru Beads

The Guru bead is generally located at the center of a wrist mala bracelet or mala necklace. Also known as meru bead, this prayer bead marks the start and end of the mala. When a prayer bead is used as a guru bead, it represents the relationship between the practitioner and the spiritual teacher. It also represents the transmission of wisdom.

2. Counting Beads

Besides the guru bead, the other bead mala and wrist mala are made of counting beads. They are used for counting the repetitions of the mantra or as a grounding method during meditation. These beads symbolize worldly desires and are considered the physical representation of the practice.

3. Separator Beads

These beads are placed between individual beads at regular intervals. As their name suggests, they remind you to refocus on the mantra or breathing if you lose track. They can also help you keep track of the mantra if you are practicing a specific number of mantra chants.

4. Tassels

The beads at the tassel represent purity and enlightenment. The specific meaning and significance of the mala beads are added to the general significance.

5. Material Symbolism

brass beads

The significance of the mala beads can also vary depending on the material of the bead as well. Some of the common materials used in the beads include the following:

6. Gemstone beads

Each gemstone has its unique significance. Depending on the specifics, the gemstone beads can represent many things. This includes things such as spirituality, communication, vigor, and energy.

7. Wooden beads

Wooden beads generally represent the connection with nature, peace, and grounding. That said, along with this, the type of wood used often adds specific attributes on top of this significance.

8. Seed beads

Seed beads are generally associated with specific deities or teachers. Along with the specific association, they also represent growth and perseverance.

9. Crystal beads

Crystal beads are the simplest when it comes to significance. These beads signify clarity and amplification of spiritual energy.

These are some of the key significance of the various types of beads. As mentioned previously, the specific significance of the beads will vary depending on what the bead is made of and their association. Regardless, this should give you the basic gist regarding the significance of the mala beads.

Things to consider before wearing mala beads

lapis lazuli loose mala beads

Now that we covered the significance of the mala beads, let’s talk about some of the factors to consider before wearing mala beads. As you may know, the answer to your question of whether it is okay to wear mala beads will depend on these factors. Some of the key factors are as follows:

1. Culture

One of the first things you should consider before using mala beads is the culture. Depending on your cultural beliefs, you can either wear them or not. Additionally, some cultures use mala beads on specific occasions only. Therefore, before you use the beads, you should carefully consider what your culture allows and doesn’t allow.

2. Intent and Mindfulness

Before wearing mala beads, you should also set your intentions. Decide whether you want to use mala beads for meditation, cultural practices, mindfulness, fashion, or personal growth. Depending on your intentions within these criteria, you can decide whether it is okay to wear mala beads.

3. Learn about the beads

tiger eye loose beads

Another key aspect to consider before wearing the mala beads is their significance. While we covered the general gist of the significance earlier, you should do thorough research regarding the mala beads to be sure that your goals and circumstances align with the bead of your choice.

4. Quality and Craftsmanship

Let’s be honest here: the quality and craftsmanship do not affect whether you can wear the mala beads or not. However, it does affect the types of beads you choose. This can, in turn, affect whether you wear the mala beads or not. Therefore, to make the correct decision, you should always choose the best quality mala beads from suppliers and wholesalers like Nirvana Mala.

5. Personal Connection

Before wearing the beads, you should also establish a personal connection with the mala beads. This personal connection can come from your intentions and meditation practices. Additionally, it can also come from your attraction to the mala. The deeper the personal connection, the better it is for you and the mala beads.

These are some of the key factors that can affect your decision to wear the mala beads. Besides the ones we mentioned here, there can and often will be several other factors that are specific to you. Therefore, you should consider those factors before wearing the mala beads.


Mala beads are among some of the most versatile religious accessories out there. You can use these accessories in a wide range, and they come in a wide variety. However, some of you may ask, is it okay to wear mala beads? The answer to this question depends on your culture and beliefs. That said, generally speaking, it is perfectly fine to wear mala beads. Regardless, you should still confirm it with your religious or cultural leader before proceeding.

We hope you found this helpful. If you want further insights regarding various aspects of religious and spiritual accessories, check out some of our other blogs at experts at handicrafts in Nepal. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

FAQ on Wearing Mala Beads

Q: Can I wear mala beads as jewelry?

A: Yes, you can wear mala beads as jewelry. You can use them as mala necklaces or wrist mala bracelets. However, you should use it with mindful intentions and with respect.

Q: What materials are mala beads made from?

A: Mala beads can be made from various materials, including gemstones, wood, seeds, and crystals. Each material carries its energetic qualities and symbolism.

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