Bodhi seed mala

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The bodhi seed is a popular seed bead that is sourced from Bodhi trees. They are also known as the seed of enlightenment, which is closely associated with the lord Buddha. Because of this, these seed beads are said to enhance the wisdom and comprehension of their wearer. Furthermore, bodhi seeds are simple and can be combined with a wide range of other materials for additional benefits and designs as well.

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Bodhi Seed Mala Benefits

Using these enlightenment seeds, Mala and Bodhi Seed Wrist mala has many benefits. Some of the well-known benefits of Bodhi seeds are:

  • Enhanced Comprehension
  • Controls Heart Demons
  • Removal of negative energies from deep within you
  • Protects you from the negative energies of your surroundings
  • Helpful for breathing exercises and asthma patients
  • Improves Memory
  • Better creativity
  • Enhances practices
  • Deeper meditation
  • Used for Japa Mala Meditation
  • Get to refine attained enlightenment

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