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Gemstones for luck and fortune

Gemstones For Luck And Good Fortune

Even before the dawn of civilizations, human beings have been drawn to specific stones. While the terms used to explain our attraction towards specific stones have changed and differ from location, many of us agree that some specific rocks and resins mysteriously aid us. These resins and rocks are commonly known as Gemstones

You can find different types of gemstones having different gemstone quality and even used for different purposes. For thousands of years, we have discovered many such luck stones. Along with the sheer number of gemstones with specific properties, we have also discovered different properties within the said gemstones. There are gemstones for Luck, gemstones for wealth, gemstones for love, and more. 

Among many such properties, Luck is one of the weirdest factors. Luck is not directly related to any aspect of our life – unlike love and wealth- but still affects every aspect. This is why Luck is one of the most sought traits within Gemstones. Thankfully, there are a decent number of crystals for luck and success out there. 

Best 8 Gemstones for Bringing Good Luck

As we mentioned, Luck is one of life’s mysterious factors that subtly affects every area. Because of this, crystals for Luck and fortune are extremely popular. Here we will talk about 8 of the best gemstones for Luck. 

That said, you do need to remember that while the following gemstones all are known to bring good fortune, depending on the lord, they are affiliated to, your Luck will lean a bit more on the factors of life their lord governs. 

That said, without any further ado, let’s get started! 

1) Amethyst – Best Gemstone For Healing

Amethyst - Best Gemstone For Healing

Amethyst is an extremely popular gemstone that is widely known for its healing properties. This unique gemstone represents calmness and confidence and is also known as the luck and fortune stone of mystery. The relation between Amethyst and mystery partially has to do with its color, purple, which represents mystery itself. 

Now, since this gemstone falls under the domain of lord Saturn, i.e., lord of justice, is it not good for everybody? If incompatible with this gemstone, you can face a series of unlucky events. However, on the flip side, if you are compatible with Amethyst, this luck stone will give you a significant boost towards your Luck and fortune, leaning towards the gains of your mind, i.e., your comprehension and understanding of the world along with calmness is boosted. This is one of the indirect gemstones for Luck and fortune. 

2) Agate – Best Gemstone for Luck

This lucky stone is probably one of the most widely used gemstones for Luck. Agate is under the domain of lord Moon, the lord of love and life. Because of this, if you use this gemstone correctly, such as a medium in Mantra Meditation, you will receive a noticeable boost in all life factors. 

Furthermore, Agate beads and Beaded Malas are also Evil Eye beaded mala. This is because Malas and other spiritual accessories made with Agate as its core component will protect you from jealousy and evil wishes from other people. 

3) Amazonite – Best Gemstone for Mantra Meditation

The name of this wonderful lucky stone for Luck partially tells you where its effect partially lies, i.e., physical recovery. But besides boosting your physical capability, Amazonite is also known for aiding you in seeing what lies beneath the veil of reality and boosting your chance to grab every lucky opportunity. 

This is because Amazonite lies under the domain of lord Uranus, the lord of Awaneking. This also makes Amazonite accessories perfect to be used for Mala beads in Mantra Meditation and all forms of spiritual practices. 

Besides all of these, the unique cyan patterns of this crystal for good luck make necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories perfect to use as a fashion statement. 

4) Citrine – Popular Gemstone for Bringing Good Luck

Citrine - Popular Gemstone for Bringing Good Luck

Also known as the gemstone of the Sun, Citrine is among the most popular luck crystal for bringing good Luck. With a soft-warm hue of yellow, Citrine is a gemstone of Luck for physical healing properties, the awakening of the mind, and happiness. Unlike what its look suggests, this Luck gemstone is not under the domain of lord Sun. Rather, Citrine is under the domain of lord Jupiter- the lord of wisdom. 

You can easily guess that Citrine primarily is here for bringing good luck in comprehension and observation, which in turn aids you in other life factors. 

5) Peridot – Gemstone Boosting Luck in both Career and Finance

Are you seeking a gemstone of money luck? How about a gemstone for career luck? If you are looking for such gemstones, then Peridot is one of the best options. This translucent mythical green gemstone falls under the domain of lord Mercury, the lord of Career. Therefore wearing accessories made from Peridot and meditating using Peridot as a medium is known to boost your Luck in both your career and finance. 

Along with this, Peridot is also known to protect you from negative energies, enhance positive energy, and the loss of mental peace. Along with this, this crystal of good luck also enhances the positive energy around you. 

6) Quartz – Best Gemstone for Luck and Positive Energies

Quartz falls under the domain of Lord Venus. Also known as Venus Genetrix or the Mother, Venus is the lord of Love and Life. Because of this, these crystals for luck are well known for enhancing the overall Luck, with a special emphasis on your love life. 

However, since people can love almost anything, including career and finance, the enhancement of Luck will apply to any aspect you feel a deep connection with. Besides Luck, Quartz, as a gemstone, is also known for negating negative energies and enhancing positive energy. 

Do note that although the specifics vary depending on the type of quartz, the basic quality and Feng shui remains the same in all forms of quartz, be it Rose Quartz or Smoky Quartz. 

7) Torquoise – Perfect Gemstone Balance of Emotion and Wisdom

Turquoise is your gemstone if you are looking for the perfect balance of emotion and wisdom. This seemingly ordinary gemstone falls under the house of Lord Venus and Jupiter – making this a rarity among gemstones. 

Now because of its association with two lords, one of mind (Jupiter) and another of the heart (Venus), you get a significant enhancement of Luck in your love life and career. Turquoise is among the most common gemstones turned into Beaded Malas, Wrist Malas, Necklaces, and worn on Rings. Furthermore, this gemstone is relatively cheap, adding to its widespread use. 

As a side note, Turquoise is also well known for its positive effect on Feng Shui.

8) Tiger Eye – Gemstone for Career Luck and Success

Tiger Eye - Gemstone for Career Luck and Success

Tiger eye, also known as the third eye of luck crystals, may be one of this list’s most common yet underestimated gemstones. Commonly known as the gemstone to ward off Evil, this gemstone is seldom associated with enhancing Luck. 

However, under the domain of Lord Mercury and Lord Sun, the lord of finance, strength, and adventure, the Tiger eye is a gemstone for career luck and success. This is also one of the primary reasons why Tigers eye is one of the most recommended gemstones. 

This crystal of luck has no known side effects, unlike Amethyst and Sapphire, which has dual effects.

How can you wear/ use these gemstones?

You can wear these gemstones in the form of Mala Necklace, Wrist Mala, and more. That said, before wearing these gemstones you should check your compatibility with the gemstone. As we have hinted earlier unless you choose those few gemstones that can be worn by everyone, wearing the wrong gemstone can result in negative effects. Apart from this, you should also be wary of the Gemstone quality and the compatibility between the two gemstones as well.

If you want detailed information regarding your compatibility with the gemstones or want an accessory made from the gemstone of your choice, feel free to contact Nirvana Mala for professional guidance and the best gemstone accessories.


In the end

The ones we mentioned here are naturally just a few of the most popular gemstones for Luck. There are still well-known gemstones to bring good fortunes, such as Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Malachite, and more.

Do note that if you rely solely on Luck without working hard to build the opportunity to grab them, it will all be for naught.

We hope you found this interesting and helpful. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 


Q: What gemstone is used for Luck?

A: There are a lot of gemstones that are used for luck, among which, Agate, Green aventurine, Quartz, and such are extremely popular.

Q: Can stone change your luck?

A: A stone cannot change your luck by itself. However, if you are compatible with the said gemstone of luck, it can present you with luck encounters and opportunities, which you need to grab. 

Q: Which stone is good for Sucess?

A: technically speaking, any gemstone can be good for success as long as you are compatible with it. However, Gemstones under the domain of Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and Sun are generally considered to be good for success as these gemstones are compatible with almost everybody. 

Q: How can you wear these gemstones?

A: You can wear gemstone with the jewelry you like such as a mala bracelet, mala necklace, earrings, rings, and many more.

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