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Benefits of Tibetan Buddha Statues | Where to buy Buddha Statues?

Did you know that Buddha does not mean god? Rather, Buddha is a state of being where a human being gains enlightenment. In other words, the title Buddha represents a person in the “awakened” state. As such, there have been many buddhas in the past.

The one we are commonly known as Buddha is Gotama or Gautama Buddha. There have been 27 Buddhas before Siddhartha Gautama (Shakyamuni Buddhas), including but not limited to Kassapa Buddha, Sikhi Buddha, Sumedha Buddha, and Tahankara Buddha. Each of these names gained enlightenment and the title of Buddha after years of meditation, observation, and introspection.

Because of everything they have gone through, it is a commonly held belief that having a statue of the said Buddha will bring their presence to your surroundings and inspire you to progress forward on the path of Enlightenment. This is also one of the reasons why people buy Buddha statues.

What are the benefits of Buddha Statues?

buddha statue

A famous saying goes something like, “Materialism is unstable”. This means that while we need material things to survive, constantly chasing after is the proper way of life and will only make us unhappy in the end; it’s a never-ending pursuit.

And one of the core benefits of having a Buddha statue by your side is to remind yourself of this sentiment.

Some other benefits of buddha statues are:

1) Representation of Buddha’s Teaching

As mentioned, one of the significant benefits of having a buddha statute by your side is remembering the lord’s teaching. The core teaching of Buddha can be divided into three parts:

  • The three universal truths
  • The four Noble Truths
  • The Noble Eightfold path

The general gist of all these teachings is that the human world is filled with suffering, and all living beings are trapped in this never-ending cycle of life. The only way to escape this is to gain nirvana; to do this; we need to be good and have pure thoughts.

Having lord Buddha statue in b2b office or by your side will remind you of these teachings.

2) Aid in meditation

Meditating is the easiest and most challenging thing for a human being. Depending on the type of meditation, you will need to either be super aware of your surroundings or focus deeply within yourself. While this may seem easy in writing, letting go of your emotions and biases to get a complete awareness of your surroundings and inner self is extremely hard.

As the buddha statue represents Buddhist teaching and has an essence of the lord, having one by your side will aid you in this phase of meditation. But anyone familiar with meditation will tell you that the rest will depend on your own will. Still, getting aid initially will make your journey significantly smoother.

3) Brings love, luck, and inner peace

place Buddha Statue for meditation

Like it says Gemstone brings luck and fortune, having a buddha statue does too. However, the buddha statue will not directly bring you love, luck, and joy. However, the presence of the Tibetan Buddhist deities statue will bring an aura of peace and calmness to your surroundings. This will boost your chance of grabbing luck and finding the perfect love for your life. At the same time, when you have a calm mind, feel the love around you, and see lucky opportunities, inner peace of mind is simply a matter of time.

4) Decor and Gifting

As per Buddhists, there is no difference between any human. So even if you are not into meditation and spirituality, no one will stop you from buying a Buddha statue; the same applies to Buddhist Malas.

This is why you can still purchase Buddha statues simply for decor or as a gift. There are some extremely well-crafted Tibetan Buddhist statues, making them perfect to use as decor or gifts.

The benefits of budda statues are not limited to these either. Depending on the posture of Buddha (Mudra), the Buddha, and the statue’s material, they can have specific benefits.

That said, while just about anyone can gain these benefits, you need to be wary about how and where to place these statues to get the best benefit.

How to place Buddha Statue at home?

place Buddha Statue at home

This is one of the most frequently asked questions for Buddha statues. That said, there are no strict rules on where to place the Buddha Statue. There are, however, rules on where not to place Tibetan Buddhist deities statues. The good news is that you are free to choose your place as long as you avoid placing Buddha in the following locations.

Buddha statues should not be placed in:

  • Kept in Bathroom
  • Kept in Storeroom
  • Kept in Washroom
  • Kept in Laundry Room
  • Kept at or above eye level
  • Kept directly on the floor

Besides these few rules on how not to place buddha’s stature, the rest will depend on the buddha statue itself. 

Some of the most common ways to place buddha statues are:

  • Make the blessing Buddha face the entrance of your home
  • Reclining Buddha faces the western direction
  • Keep the meditating Buddha in quiet places
  • Keep the Bhumisparsha Buddha statue facing east
  • Keeping the Buddha facing the northeastern direction is considered acceptable

So, there are basic rules of how to place a buddha statue and how not to place buddha statues.

Which Buddha Statue brings good luck?

buddha statue for good luck

There is no specific answer to this question. If we go by the common belief, the answer would be the Gautama Buddhist deities statue, but then again, the Laughing Buddha statue is also said to bring good luck to your home.

That said, the best answer to this question is – every buddha statue. As we mentioned earlier, the primary function of the buddha statue is to remind you of the presence of lord buddha and their teachings, i.e., to have a calm mind and clear view through a subtle change in the atmosphere around you. So, regardless of your Buddha statue, you will have good luck.

Luck is just a passing opportunity you can see and grasp, which you can with a calm and observant mind.

The only question that now remains is,

Where can you buy Buddha Statues?

You can find buddha statues everywhere in Asia. Whether in China, Japan, India, or Nepal, you will find Buddha statues of various quality depicting different states (Mudra) of Buddha.

If you cannot physically go to these nations, you can simply order from us. Nirvana Mala Shop is among the best wholesalers and distributors of the Tibetan Buddhist Statue in Nepal, with a wide range of products. 


Tibetan Buddhist statues are undoubtedly among the most versatile religious accessories you can have. Primarily meant as a representation of the beliefs and teaching of Buddha, Buddha statues work well as decor and gifts.

That said, we must understand that Buddhist statues are only representations of the teaching and are not mandatory for meditation and spiritual practices. In fact, in Tibetan Buddhist belief, you are not worshiping the Buddha but their teaching. Therefore, Buddha statues are only a means to an end.

We hope you found this helpful. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.


Q: What does the Buddhist Statue represent?

A: Tibetan Buddhist Statue represents the teaching of different Buddhas.

Q: What were Buddha statues used for?

A: Buddhist statues were and are used to remind us of the Buddha’s teaching on the path of enlightenment.

Q: Is the Buddha statue good luck?

A: As per the Vastu and Feng Shui, having a buddha statue brings you good luck.

Q: Can we give buddha statues as a gift?

A: Yes, you can!

Q: Which Buddha Statue is lucky?

A: Siddhartha Gautama Buddha (Shakyamuni Buddhas) Statue, Medicine Buddha Statue, and Laughing buddha statues are considered to be lucky, however, as per the belief, every buddha statue will bring you luck in one form or another.

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