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What are Healing Mala Beads? | Quick Guide

Japa Mala are among the most popular religious and meditation bracelet accessories out there. They are also among the most versatile accessories. You can use Japa Mala Necklaces and meditation bracelets, for religious practices, meditation practices or other purposes. Healing mala beads are extremely popular among many beaded mala accessories. 

But – what are healing mala beads?

What are Healing Mala Beads?

Healing Mala

In simple words, Healing Mala Beads are the mala beads used for healing purposes also known as guru beads. Depending on the beads used for healing mala, there can be different types of healing mala bracelets. You can have healing mala for your spirituality, a healing beads necklace for your physical self, a healing mala for your mind, and healing mala bracelets for your emotions. 

Naturally, healing mala and healing beads prayer mala do more than provide you with recovery. They also enhance and support the positive aspects of your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional self. 

Now the question is –

What beads are used for healing?

There are different types of beads as healing power stones. Depending on the kind of healing bead, the area of effect varies. Some mala beads and guru beads heal fortune, some affect the physical body, and some heal your emotions and spirituality. 

So what are beads for healing? Well, in all honesty, numerous beads are used for healing, and it would be impossible to list them. 

Here are some of the most popular healing mala beads and guru beads bracelets with their unique. 

Healing Amethyst Stone Wrist Mala

Amethyst is a mysterious purple quartz stone that targets the healing of the mind and willpower. This mala bead’s healing properties enhance your connection to spirituality, enhance your mental strength, and boosts your overall natural recovery strength. This healing bead is further combined with white metal beads to enhance your calmness in Healing Amethyst Stone Wrist Mala Bracelets, 

Buddha Crystal Stone Wrist Mala

Clear Quartz is a popular crystal healing power stone bead considered a master healer and generally focuses on the crystal healing of energy. This includes the overall healing of the mind, body, and spirit. With the addition of a Buddha bead, this Crystal Stone healing beads necklace becomes one of the best healing bracelets for you. 

Black Obsidian Prayer Mala

Healing Mala

Obsidian is shiny volcanic glass. Beads made from Obsidian target the healing of emotions and experiences. Because of this, it is common to use obsidian mala beads for healing power. This effect is further supported in the Black Obsidian prayer mala with the addition of a seven-chakra meditation pendant. 

Citrine Stone Japa Mala

Citrine Stones are among the best mala beads for healing power if you want enhanced healing in your physical self. This Japa mala is commonly used in meditation and other spiritual and meditation accessories. Along with the healing, when used in meditation, you also unlock the mala beads healing property for emotions. As such, using Citrine Stone Japa Mala in your meditation not only enhances your physical healing ability but emotional healing as well. 

Rose Quartz Stone Mala

Rose Quartz is a light pink-colored crystal stone that heals your relationships. Consequently, this healing bead also heals your emotions. When turned into a beaded healing Mala like Rose Quartz Stone Mala, you can gain a calming feeling of self-love, comfort, and emotional security. 

Mala made from or with these beads are among the most common healing beads necklaces. However, as we mentioned earlier, many beads besides those we mentioned are used for healing. 

The question now is – 

How to choose your healing prayer mala?

Healing Mala

So, by now, you know that there are tons of beads used for healing prayer mala. Although having many choices is good, it also makes choosing the perfect healing mala a bit hard. So, how do you select the perfect prayer healing prayer mala? Well, one of the simplest methods to do this is by asking yourself three simple questions. 

What bead are you drawn to?

Whether you are into spirituality or not, there will always be something you are attracted to and some things you are repulsed by. Similarly, when seeking the perfect beaded healing beads, the first thing you should look for are the beads you are attracted to.

What do you want to heal?

After selecting the healing beads you are attracted to, you should know the aspect you want healing for. Do you want to heal your mind, physical body, emotions, or spirituality? Depending on the aspect you want to heal, you should select the healing beads from the ones you are attracted to. 

Would you be manifesting or meditating?

Manifesting the healing provides you with a way to heal yourself; meanwhile, meditating on healing enhances your perception of the opportunity of healing yourself. Now, do you want the direct method or the strength to seek the method and opportunity to heal yourself? Depending on your choice, the perfect healing beads will differ. 

After choosing the perfect healing prayer mala for yourself, you can now start the healing process. 

How do you use your Japa Healing Mala and healing prayer beads?

There are numerous ways to use Japa healing mala and healing prayer beads. One of the popular ways to use healing prayer beads is to turn them into Japa Mala bracelets and as a meditation tool. Besides this, you can also use healing prayer beads to honor yourself, celebrate small achievements, enhance your spiritual practices, and more. 

If you want to know the details of how to use beaded mala, then we have already covered this. Please give it a read. 

You must activate your mala to connect the bead with your energy and soul. This process of activating healing mala beads is called cleansing the mala. 

How do you cleanse your healing mala beads?

Healing Mala

Healing mala beads and their associated accessories, such as healing beads necklaces and healing beads bracelets, are generally cleansed by the creators. If you want to ensure that your healing mala is cleansed and don’t want to leave things to chance, you can do it yourself. 

The process of cleansing is a simple one. You need to perform a small ritual while being under a few rules. The steps to cleanse the healing mala beads are as follows:

  • Step 1: Place your healing mala in direct sunlight or moonlight
  • Step 2: Burn white sage over your mala
  • Step 3: Place it in a singing bowl and ring the bowl. 

After cleansing your healing prayer mala, you should be careful not to share it with anyone else. This is because beads absorb the surrounding energy, including yours, and transform them into healing energy. If you share your healing mala, it may absorb and/ or interfere with the energy of the one you share with. Keep these in your mind before you activate your mala. 


Healing Prayer Mala Necklaces and prayer mala beads for healing power are beaded accessories that focus on the healing aspect. Depending on the mala beads, the healing aspect can vary as multiple aspects can be healed. These are physical, mental, emotional, financial, spiritual, and more. 

At the same time, not all beads are suitable for you and resonate with you. Therefore you should carefully choose your mala. 

Here we talked about the healing prayer beads, how to choose your mala, and the cleaning process. 

We hope you found this helpful. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 


Q: What is the purpose of mala beads?

A: The purpose of mala beads is to aid you in your meditation practices, healing, and spiritual practices. 

Q: What hand do you hold mala beads in?

A: You generally hold mala beads in your right hand, and although you can wear mala beads in your left hand, it is generally not preferred. 

Q: How do I choose a mala?

A: The simplest way to choose your mala is to find a few that resonate with you and filter them out per your needs. 

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