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Yoga Beads Bracelets: A Quick Guide

Yoga is a spiritual and aesthetic discipline that includes breathing control, meditation, and specific postures to enhance the body’s strength, flexibility, and overall health. All these aspects are combined to make Yoga beneficial to mind, body, and spirit. 

Yoga is among those few spiritual and religious activities that science has shown support for, at least for its physical benefits. But Yoga is not all about physical benefits, is it? It is also about the spirit and mind – although Yoga is sufficient, you can enhance its effect by using Yoga Bracelets! 

What are Yoga Bracelets?


Beaded bracelets and bracelets are accessories that enhance the overall effect of Yoga. The Yoga Bracelets Meanings and specific effects may vary depending on the material used. However, regardless of how the specific benefits may vary, the bracelet aids in enhancing the state of mind, body, and spirit. These enhancements can come individually or in combination. 

Along with the enhancements, the yoga bracelets (non-beaded) and yoga beads bracelets also aid in the recovery of the mind, body, and spirit. These effects are combined with the overall benefits of Beaded Yoga meditation and Yoga exercises to enhance your overall state further. 

But, as we mentioned earlier, the individual perks will vary depending on the Yoga Beads bracelets meaning, significance and benefits. 

The question now is – are there any specific benefits to Beads Bracelets for Yoga?

What are the benefits of Yoga Beads Bracelets?

The benefits of Yoga Beads Bracelets can be categorized into three types; Physical, Mental, and Spiritual. As we mentioned earlier, the specific benefits will vary depending on the material of the beads bracelets. Many materials can be used for Bracelets for Yoga, and a single bead may have benefits in multiple aspects. Therefore, listing all of the benefits is a bit daunting. 


How Yoga Beads Bracelets Benefit Physical Health?

The benefits of yoga bracelets on physical health are subtle yet noticeable if you observe them carefully. Yoga Bracelets benefit physical health by providing: 

  • Enhanced Recovery
  • More Energy
  • Better Flexibility
  • Better Muscle Strength
  • Enhanced Blood Vitality
  • Boost in Immunity
  • Enhanced  Muscle Reflexe

How Yoga Beads Bracelets Benefit Spirituality?

yoga beads bracelets

The benefits of Yoga Wrist mala beaded bracelets on spirituality are a bit subtler. The Yoga bracelets benefit spirituality by providing us with: 

  • Deeper Connection with Spirituality
  • Enhance Inner Spiritual Self
  • Better flow of Chakra 
  • Healthier Chakra Meridians 
  • Healthier Chakra Points
  • Enhanced Absorption of Astral Energies
  • Purification of Negative Astral Energies

How Yoga Beads Bracelets Benefit Mental Health?

Mental Health is a delicate matter and is often underestimated. However, in Yoga, all three aspects of health, including Mental Health. Yoga beads Bracelets and Yoga beads aid mental health by providing us with:

  • Enhanced Calmness
  • Increased Control over Thoughts
  • Increased Ability to Deal with Stress
  • Better Memory
  • Enhanced ability to deal with Anxiety
  • Increased Pain Tolerance
  • Increased decision-making and logical thinking 

Now, note that these are just some of the popular benefits of beaded Yoga Bracelets. Another thing you should note is that while Yoga bracelets do provide you with the mentioned benefits, they are rather subtle and need some time to accumulate and show visible results. Therefore you need to be patient to feel the benefits of the Yoga wrist mala beaded bracelet.

Now that this question is answered, the next question is – 

What are some of the most Popular Beads Bracelets for Yoga?

yoga beads bracelets

There is no simple answer to this question as the popularity of Yoga bracelets changes over time. Regardless of the change, the popular Yoga wrist mala Bracelets are generally made from Beads that either provide multiple benefits at once or excel at one aspect of Yoga. 

At the time of this writing, some of the most popular Yoga Bracelets are:

1) Seven Chakra Stone Bracelets

As the name of this chakra bracelet suggests, the primary focus of the seven stone chakra bracelets is the seven primary chakra points. These chakra points are the key points in the astral circulation path, and this type of stone bracelet clears the astral path along with enhancing the quality of chakra/ astral energy flowing in the said path overall spiritual perk gained from Yoga. 

2) Lava Stone Bracelet/ Lava Rock Bracelets 

Lava Stone Bracelets/ Lava Rock wrist mala Bracelets have a rather indirect benefit on Yoga. The primary benefit of Lava Stone is the claiming of emotions such as anger, envy, hatred, and jealousy. As you can expect, these emotions are a combination of unstable minds and impure energies within. By controlling these emotions and calming down your mind, you gain benefits in both your mind and spirituality. 

3) Amethyst Bracelets

Amethyst is a mysterious stone popular for its deep association with the spiritual world. However, it is also a popular stone for recovery and enhanced vitality. From these two sentences, you can easily guess why Amethyst Bracelets are popular Yoga bracelets. These Yoga Bracelets enhance both your spiritual and physical health. 

4) Lotus Charm Bracelets 

Lotus is the symbol of peace and calmness. As such, it is natural to assume that bracelets made from lotus seeds enhance inner calmness and peace. This assumption would be correct as lotus beads wrist mala beaded bracelets for Yoga enhances your inner calmness and increase your insight and comprehension. 

5) Tiger Eye Bracelets

This is among those bracelets for yoga primarily known for protecting the mind and spirit against negative energies and enhancing the quality of positive energy within. But that is not all there is to this beads bracelet. Tiger eye also enhances the recovery of the body. 

6) Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

 Lapis Lazuli is a blue stone associated with mind and spirit. This beautiful blue stone enhances mental resiliency, calmness, and the ability to cope with stress. At the same time, Lapsi Lazuli Bracelets for Yoga are also popular for increasing emotional pain tolerance and enhancing logical thinking and decision-making ability. 

How do you wear Yoga Bracelets?

yoga beads bracelets

The process of wearing Yoga wrist mala Bracelets is exactly the same as wearing any other bead bracelets or Japa Mala Necklaces. The only difference is the number of beads present. If you want to know more about the process of wearing wrist mala bracelets and Yoga bracelets by proxy, we have an entire article dedicated to this. So do give it a read. 

Now, as for the differences, Yoga bracelets are worn on the wrists, unlike Japa Mala Necklace. As such, you can wear it either left or wrist. Although the right wrist is generally preferred for Yoga mala, you can also wear it on the left. You can also combine the different types of Yoga wrist mala bracelets to get an enhanced effect from your Yoga. 

Where to Buy Authentic Yoga Bracelets?

The good thing about Nepal is that we are a nation of Buddhism; as such, you can buy good quality Yoga Bracelets from almost every religious hotspot. If you are in the capital, Boudha stupa and Swayambhunath stupa are among your best options. At the same time, if you want to buy Yoga Bracelet online in Nepal, then you can simply order it from Nirvana Mala, one of the best wholesalers and distributors of Yoga Mala Necklaces and Bracelets in Nepal. 

In the end,

Yoga is one of those activities that is scientifically proven in some aspects. It is proven to enhance your physical capabilities and your mental strength. Although science still has no way to verify the spiritual aspects, just the mental and physical benefits from Yoga are enough to start doing this spiritual and meditational exercise. 

Yoga bracelets are simply accessories to enhance the effect of the already amazing aspects of Yoga. Similar to Yoga, these accessories have their unique set of perks, and depending on the Beads used, they mean either enhancing one aspect of Yoga or multiple. 

We hope you found this article interesting. To read more insightful blogs on spiritual accessories, click here. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 


Q: What are Yoga Bracelets?

A: These are beaded yoga bracelets accessories made from a wide range of beads that enhance the effect of Yoga on the mind, body, and spirit. 

Q: What are popular Yoga Beads Bracelets?

A: Some of the most popular Beads Bracelets for Yoga are:

  • Seven Chakra Stone Bracelets
  • Amethyst Bracelets
  • Lava Stone Bracelets
  • Lotus Charm Bracelets
  • Tiger Eye Bracelets
  • Lapis Lazuli Bracelets
  • Amazonite Bracelets 
  • Jasper Beads Bracelets
  • Labradorite Bracelets
  • Citrine Bracelets 

Q: How many beads is the Mala Bracelet? 

A: The number of Beads on a Mala Bracelets can vary from 21, 27, 54, and 18 beads. 

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