Tibetan Om Mane Padme Om Mantra Doorway Wall Décor


  • Material: Silk brocade
  • Size: l= 34.5 inches & b= 9.1 inches excluding tassel
  • Om mane Padme om is embroidered
  • Hand-made in Nepal.
Tibetan Om Mane Padme Om Mantra Doorway Wall Décor 8.69$

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  • Brocade is typically woven on a drawloom. It is a supplementary weft technique; that is, the ornamental brocading is produced by a supplementary, non-structural weft in addition to the standard weft that holds the warp threads together. The purpose of this is to give the appearance that the weave was actually embroidered on.
  • The six syllables Tibetan mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum, mean that in dependence on the practice of a path which is an indivisible union of method and wisdom, you can transform your impure body, speech, and mind into the pure exalted body, speech, and mind of a Buddha.


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Weight 124 g

Tibetan Mantra


Wall Hanging Shape



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