Shakyamuni Buddha Fabric Wall Hanging


  • Materials:Silk brocade
  • Size: l= 16.5 inches & b= 11 inches including tassel
  • Shakyamuni buddha is embroidered
  • Main background fabric is yellow & outter fabric is blue
  • Hand made in Nepal.

Note: Product Variation Subject To Availity. You may get another or mixed variation if the ordered variation is unavailable. It excludes the size variation.

Shakyamuni Buddha Fabric Wall Hanging 5.69$

Note: Quantity is Based on Minimum Cart Policy

  • Brocade is typically woven on a drawloom. It is a supplementary weft technique; that is, the ornamental brocading is produced by a supplementary, non-structural weft in addition to the standard weft that holds the warp threads together. The purpose of this is to give the appearance that the weave was actually embroidered on.
  • Shakyamuni Buddha is a name given to the historical Buddha, especially in Mahayana Buddhism. So it’s nearly always the case that when someone is talking about Shakyamuni, he or she speaks of the historical figure born Siddhartha Gautama but then became known as Shakyamuni only after he became the Buddha. This person, after his enlightenment, is also sometimes called Gautama Buddha.


Additional information

Weight 65 g
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 10 cm



Wall Hanging Shape



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