Sandalwood Mala

Best Sandalwood mala at Nirvana Mala

Sandalwood is a popular tree that is widely known for its soft wooden texture, along with its long-lasting scent. Along with its soft wooden texture and calming scent, Sandalwood is known for its mystical properties of enhancing good luck and removing the negative energies from the surrounding. 

Now, you can get the best Sandalwood beaded mala at one of the best wholesalers and distributors of beaded mala in Nepal, Nirvana Mala. 

Benefits of Sandalwood Mala

Wearing Beaded Mala made from Sandalwood is known for enhancing your good luck and removing the negative energies from your surroundings. In addition, the sandalwood mala beads necklace also allows your mind to unwind and aids you in your relaxation. Along with this, by wearing a sandalwood mala beads necklace, your aggression and general level of annoyance can be calmed down as well. 

You can buy the best sandalwood mala beads necklace at Nirvana Mala from $4.20 to $4.50. Your products will be delivered within six working days from the day of your purchase. However, if you place a bulk order, there can be up to three days of extension for processing and packaging.

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