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Bhumba, also spelled as Bhumpa, Bumba or Boomba, is a special type of ritual pot used in Hindu Worship and ceremonies. They are generally made from copper or copper alloys such as brass and bronze. All three of these metals are spiritual in nature, and each has its own spiritual significance. Copper is a spiritual metal that is known for its purifying properties. Similarly, brass is known for enhancing intuition, and bronze is known for protecting the user from the influence of evil energies. Although all three of these metals have all of these properties, all of them do have their own areas where they are more effective. Besides the material, the Bhumba itself has deep spiritual significance.

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Why Bhumba?

As mentioned previously, Bhumba is ritual accessories made from spiritual metals. The metals themselves have their own significance. Furthermore, rhumba themselves are regarded as spiritual objects and are used to store holy water, grains, flowers, and other offerings. Additionally, during rituals like puja, the bhumba is temporarily transformed into the deity’s emblem, and the divine spirit is believed to reside within it. During these rituals, offerings are made to Bhumba as it represents one or various aspects of the diety.

Additionally, Bhumbas also represents fertility, abundance, life, renewal, and the aspect of oneness with the universe. It is believed that a Bhumba symbolizes everything that is contained within the universe. Therefore, Bhumbas are often permanently kept as dwelling places for deities that control various aspects of the universe.

  • Made from Copper, Brass, or Bronze
  • Depending on the material, they purify, protect, or enhance the intuition
  • Bhumbas symbolize the universe and everything that is contained within
  • They also represent fertility, abundance, life, renewal, and the feminine divine.

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