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Hemp fibre is a highly durable and versatile fibre sourced from the Hemp plant, botanically known as Cannabis Sativa, that grows throughout tropical and humid parts of the world. The stems are cut and boiled in water to extract the fibres. Once the fibres are extracted, it is spun into yarns and transformed into highly fashionable and comfortable clothing in tandem with cotton fibres.

At Nirvana Mala, one of the best wholesalers and distributors of natural garments in Nepal, you can buy the best Hemp & Cotton Clothing handmade by some of the best artisans in Nepal at the best price and at your convenience.

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Why Hemp & Cotton Clothing from Nirvana Mala?

Hemp & cotton fibres have been used as some of the best materials for clothing for thousands of years. They are highly fashionable, durable, and versatile fibres. These fibres are sourced from sustainable sources without harming the environment.

These versatile, durable, and attractive fibres are transformed into highly comfortable, fashionable, and attractive Hemp & Cotton clothing by some of the best artisans in Nepal.

Buy the best Hemp & Cotton Clothing only at Nirvana Mala

At Nirvana Mala, you can buy the best Hemp and Cotton Clothing from a price range of $3.30 to $10.35. Now with our ongoing 3% Discount, you can purchase the best of Hemp & Cotton Clothing at an even lower price.

Additionally, as we value your time, we ensure that your orders will be delivered within six working days from the date of your order. Should you place a bulk order, the delivery date can extend up to three working days for processing and packaging?