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Pendant For Men

In the ever-changing world of fashion and accessories, pendants are among some of the most popular ones. Both men and women have widely used them for ages. Unlike what some of us may believe, using pendants is not limited to women. Men have used pendants for a long time. While back in the day, pendants for men were mostly religious symbolism and status symbols, pendants for men in modern times are a form of expression. Along with this, pendants for men are also seen as a fashion symbol. Therefore, at this point, the question is not about Can guys wear pendants? It’s about what are popular pendants for men?

With this in mind, in this blog, we will talk about some of the more popular styles and materials of pendants for men. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Styles of Men’s Pendants


There are many forms of pendants out there. However, not all of them are designed to be worn by men. If you want to stay updated in fashion, then you should know the trending styles of men’s pendants. Well, we are here to provide you with an update on the trending styles of men’s pendants so that you don’t have to search far. So, what are some of the popular styles of pendants for men? Some of the popular styles of pendants for men are as follows:

Dog Tags

Commonly associated with Army and military, dog tags pendants are among the most popular pendants for men. These are simple metal bars that can be custom engraved with your details such as name, zodiac signs or blood group. This simple but stylistic pendant speaks of masculinity and personal identity. On top of being minimalist, since you can customize the engravings as you see fit, dog tag pendants have become among the most popular styles of pendants for men.

Religious Motive Pendants

While dog tag pendants express personal identity, religious motive pendants show your religious beliefs. The concept behind religious motive pendants is rather simple. They are simplistic pendant designs that show symbols associated with a religion. The specific design of the pendant will vary depending on the religion associated with it. Some of the common examples are Hindu Om Pendant, Cross Pendant, and Tibetan Mantra pendant. Religious motive pendants are one of those pendants that can be considered everlasting.

Nautical Pendants

Nautical pendants are pennants that carry the symbols of sea and water travel. While this is the general concept behind the nautical pendants, the specific designs will vary. Some pendants are in the shape of nautilus, while others are in the form of a ship. Besides these two designs, another popular style of nautical pendants is the pendants shaped in anchor. Each design of nautical pendants has its own significance. One additional fact that makes this style of pendant popular among men is the association of men with the sea. Now unlike other forms of pendants, the design of nautical pendants can be either minimalistic or intricate. Therefore, regardless of your aesthetic choice, this is a nautical pendant that matches your taste. Because of all of these reasons, nautical pendants are one of the most popular styles of men’s pendants.

Animal Motif Pendants

When one thinks of an ideal man, they usually imagine a rugged man with a soft side. And nothing represents this aspect of men better than animal motif pendants. These pendants represent different aspects of animals. An animal can be kind to its kin while being threatening to enemies. And by representing the said animal in the pendant, one perfectly captures the essence of protective and tough yet kind men. Therefore, animal motif pendants often come in simple designs with curved edges and sharp angles. All of this perfectly represents the duality of men and becomes the reason for the popularity of this type of pendant.

Gemstone Pendants

Unlike other styles of pendants we have discussed so far, gemstone pendants are simple. They are simply pendants with gemstones attached to them. The reason why this type of pendant is popular among men has to do with its significance and simplicity. As you may already know, each gemstone has its own significance. Now take this gemstone, carve into a simple design and attach it to a necklace. You get an attractive pendant, simple in design yet with deep meaning hidden behind them. Combining all these aspects makes gemstone pendants rather popular among men.

Now do note that necklaces are not the same as pendants. If you want to know more about the specific differences between necklaces and pendants, check out our blog about Locket Vs. Pendant Vs. Necklace.

These are some of the most popular styles of pendants among men. Naturally, you might prefer a different style of pendant. However, the good news for you is that there will be a pendant for you regardless of your choice.

Popular Materials for Men’s Pendants


As you may have noticed, there is a certain pattern when it comes to the popular style of pendants for men. The same can be said for popular materials used for men’s pendants. What men go after is a simplistic design with deep meanings. The same can also be reflected in the popular materials used in men’s pendants. So what are these popular materials? Some of the popular materials used in pendants for men are as follows:

Gold and Silver

Gold and silver are precious and good-looking metals used in jewelry since ancient times. They are malleable, and both have their own status in the world of accessories. Gold leans more toward royalty and aesthetics, and silver leans more toward simplicity. Regardless, both of these metals are highly attractive. Additionally, you can transform these metals into intricate and simple pendants. Because of their beauty and versatility, gold and silver are among the most popular materials for men’s pendants.


Although steel is a common metal, it is versatile and has high strength. These are the qualities that attract a lot of men. Along with this, steel is also lustrous, like silver. This material is affordable, durable, and can withstand daily activities without corrosion and scratches. Along with this, pendants made from steel do not require much maintenance. Therefore, it is a popular choice among men.


Along with steel, brass is another popular metal among men. Made from a combination of copper and zinc, brass has a yellow luster like gold and is malleable like silver. Additionally, since this metal is a copper alloy, it also has antimicrobial properties. Therefore brass has verifiable benefits as well. Combining all these aspects makes brass one of the most popular materials used in men’s pendants.


As we mentioned earlier, gemstones are a popular material among men. They are hard, beautiful and have deep significance. Additionally, each gemstone has its own unique set of benefits as well. For instance, Lapis lazuli and Amethysts are associated with deep spirituality. Similarly, Coral is associated with vitality and vigor. In addition to the benefits, they come in a wide range of prices. Diamonds are generally expensive, while turquoise and opals are more affordable. Furthermore, you can transform gemstones into simple pendants or into intricate pendants.


Leather is one of the simplest but most popular pendant materials for men. These are relatively soft materials that can be carved with intricate designs. Depending on the religion, they can also represent a wide range of things. In some parts of the world, they represent the joy of life, while in others, they represent the transcendence of life and death.


Like leather, wood is a simple yet popular material for men’s pendants. The wood for a pendant can come from a wide range of trees, and their significance can vary depending on their source. For instance, a pendant made from bodhi wood represents wisdom and knowledge, while a pendant made from Bamboo represents growth. Additionally, woods are relatively easy to maintain and are highly customizable. You can easily carve any shape or design in a wooden pendant.

These are just some of the popular materials used for men’s pendants. Needless to say, many other forms of materials are used for men’s pendants.


A pendant is a beautiful accessory that men and women have used for a long time. Although they are commonly associated with women, pendants for men are very prevalent. There is a wide range of pendants for men, and here we talked about some of the most popular designs among men. Along with this, we also talked about some of the popular materials used for men’s pendants. And while talking about these aspects of pendants for men, we also saw the reasons behind their popularity.

Pendants for men are just as natural and as prevalent as pendants for women. They are beautiful and carry deep significance. Therefore, pendants for men are among the trendy men’s accessories.

We hope you found this helpful. If you want to know more about pendants and other spiritual accessories, check out some of our other blogs. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

FAQ on Pendants for men.

Q: Should men wear a pendant?
A: Yes, men should. There are many pendants specifically designed to be worn by men.
Q: Why do men wear pendants?
A: There can be various reasons behind men wearing pendants. Some men wear pendants to show their personal beliefs, others wear them for fashion, and some men wear pendants to show their religious beliefs.

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