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WOOCS v.2.3.5

WOOCS v.2.3.5
We think that the words “Natural & Real” are almost similar. But in the context of Gemstones, these words are different. Here, Natural refers to the Born gemstones that are found on the surface of the earth. Unlike natural gemstones, Synthetic gemstones are manufactured gems made in the lab with the help of different chemicals and carbons. FTC states that any gemstone during a lab is often classified as “real” if it contains identical mineral makeup. That suggests that synthetic gemstones are classified and sold as “real,” although not “natural.” Don’t you think it is pretty confusing? So, here we have another written evidence: According to EYE WITNESS HANDBOOK, Synthetic gems have virtually the same chemical composition and crystal structure as natural gemstones, so their optical and physical properties are very similar.

You might be contemplating the variety of gemstones that Nirvana Mala sells? We have added two variations on every gemstone product, i.e., High quality and Medium Quality. High quality represents natural, and Medium means Synthetic gemstone. Our High-Quality gems are certified and we provide the certificates together if you need them. The technology for testing the Lava stone isn’t established in Nepal yet so we don’t provide the certificate for Lava stone products.

Do you know? Synthetic gemstones were discovered in the 1800s, and they have become famous since then. And some Natural gemstones are heated to make the color more vivid.

Here are some tips for discriminating between Natural & Synthetic gemstones.

  • Synthetic gemstones are more likely to be rich and vivid in color and are virtually inclusion or blemish-free when you look at them. Almost always, natural gemstones will have some type of inclusion or color differentiation.
  • Natural gemstones are colder than synthetic when touched. 
  • Natural gemstones are heavier than synthetic ones.
  • Authentic gems should be slightly imperfect. There should be some color zoning and the shade should have tones of white or blue in addition to purple.

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