Three Eyes Dzi Stone Bead Three Eyes Dzi Stone Bead Three Eyes Dzi Stone Bead

Three Eyes Dzi Stone Bead

Product Price : $ 6

  • Material: dzi stone
  • L X B (CM): 2.9 X 1.1
  • Number of eyes: 3


Product Weight(gm) : 17.00

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  • Dzi bead is a type of stone bead of uncertain origin worn as part of a necklace and sometimes as a bracelet. In several Asian cultures, including that of Tibet, the bead is considered to provide positive spiritual benefit. Some protect its wearer from negative energies or accidents, some attract wealth or wisdom, while others might bring you love and happiness. These beads are generally prized as protective amulets and are sometimes ground into a powder to be used in traditional Tibetan medicine. Beads subject to this process have small "dig marks" where a portion of the bead has been scraped or ground away to be included in the medicine.Some dzi exhibit grinding and polishing of one or both ends, again the result of reduction for use in traditional Tibetan medicine or, in some cases,due to the bead's use as a burnishing tool in the application of gold leaf to thanka paintings or gilt bronze statuary

       (NTT, LOT, LTT)

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