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7 Chakra Matt Onyx Stone Wrist Mala

Product Price : $ 3.5

  • Materials: stone (matt onyx stone and hematite stone) and golden colored white metal
  • Red stone, crystal stone, tiger's eye stone, jade stone, lapis lazuli stone, rose quartz stone & turquoise stone are present in seven chakra stone
  • It is around 5.5 inch round and it increases around by 3 inch when the knot is pulled up
  • The beads are of 8 mm each 
  • The beads on the top are of 8 mm each
  • There are 14 beads excluding seven chakra beads 
  • Thread is black in color with adjustable knot
  • Handmade in Nepal.


Product Weight(gm) : 20

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  •  Onyx is known for its powerful energy and somber beauty. It is said to increase ambition and confidence and to protect against negative emotions and illness. Onyx are known to have a powerful positive effect on diminishing the negative potential of excessive electromagnetic energy. It banishes griefs and promotes self control and in addition to balancing the energies of the body, this mala promotes healthy bodies and increased stamina. It is used for protection, strength, good fortune, vigor and health.

       7 chakra stones are explained below:

  • Red stone represents diplomacy and concurrence.It is still used today as a protective talisman against evil spirits. Coral is also beneficial for bone growth and helps those who suffer from arthritis and other bone ailments.It can ease digestive problems, eye problems and blood-circulation disorders. It is known to quiet emotions, bring inner peace, and facilitate intuition, imagination, and visualization.It can be damaged by hot water, bright sunlight, and cosmetics and other chemicals.
  • Crystal Stone is popular among the yoga practitioners for the recitation of mantras in daily practice and also in retreat. It amplifies other crystals and heals by drawing off negative energy.It also cleanses the mind and body. They are also worn as bracelets to bring the blessing of the vibrations of the stone into the body's energy circuit. It is extremely beneficial for meditation. Crystal Stone is the power stone for clarity, strength and balance.It is a favored stone of seers and healers throughout the ages.
  • Tiger Eye is known as an effective tool for use in acupressure and self-massage. It is also supposed to augment the Solar Plexus Chakra and vigour and vitality in a person. It encourages balance between extremes, enlivens discernment, vitality, practicality.It also facilitates emotional balance and fairness.Tiger`s eye carries the frequency of creation – the vibration of sunlight upon soil. This gemstone is also believed to be helpful in case to following diseases like rheumatic heart disease, psoriasis, otitis, bronchial asthma kidney, and also relieves high blood pressure.It helps one live as a balanced and integrated Spirit in a physical vehicle, expressing Spirit through each action taken in the world.
  • The Jade Stone is also known as the stone of eternal youth.This stone also inspires wisdom, moderation, and perspective.It also balances emotions &aides in understanding dreams.Beside that, this stone also helps with learning and understanding new information & promotes compassion and empathy.It soothes the mind, releases negativity,stabilizes the personality and stimulates ideas.Even it is said to inspire insightful dreams & attract good luck and friendship.And,also balances the heart chakra.
  • Lapis Stone is believed to have high intensity and can open many of the chakra centers. The stone is said to increase psychic abilities. It is said to elimintes negative emotions. It is said to be a cure for melancholy and for certain types of fever and i also relieves sore throat pain." It increases Inner power and Love. It is a good stone for precious Friendship also. Prayer Mala or beads are usually used by Buddhists around the world, especially in Tibet, Nepal and India and used for meditation, counting mantras, and prostration. 
  • Rose Quartz is a stone of the heart, a Crystal of Unconditional Love. It speaks directly to the Heart Chakra, dissolving emotional wounds, fears and resentments, and circulates a Divine loving energy throughout the entire aura. It is especially effective in attracting new love, romance and intimacy, or in developing a closer bond with family or friends. It dispels negativity and also purifies and opens heart. Rose Quartz also supports connection within groups and community, and carries a high spiritual attunement to the Earth, Universe, and the Divine.
  • Turquoise Stone is one of the most powerful Metaphysical healing stones. It is supposed to be a stone of communication. It also helps to strengthen and align all of the Chakras; can be used to cleanse our energy centers.The healing powers of Turquoise Stonw concerning chakra run deep and  can be easily realized by most individuals interested in Metaphysical Healing.Turquoise Stone can also benefit the operation of the Heart Chakra by opening it up for giving and receiving love.


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