Tiger's Eye Stone Mala with Tiger Bead

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  • Materials: stone, white metal ( guru bead, lion bead & rings)
  • The beads are of 8 mm each 
  • Lapis lazuli stone & lion beads are used as sparcer beads
  • Guru bead is of 12 mm mm 
  • The mala is around of 23.5 inch long from top to bottom
  • The beads on the top are of 6 mm
  • There are 108 beads excluding sparcer beads
  • Thread is brown in color with fixed knot
  • Handmade in Nepal.


Product Weight(gm) : 120

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  • Tiger Eye is known as an effective tool for use in acupressure and self-massage. It is also supposed to augment the Solar Plexus Chakra and vigour and vitality in a person. It encourages balance between extremes, enlivens discernment, vitality, practicality.It also facilitates emotional balance and fairness.Tiger`s eye carries the frequency of creation – the vibration of sunlight upon soil. This gemstone is also believed to be helpful in case to following diseases like rheumatic heart disease, psoriasis, otitis, bronchial asthma kidney, and also relieves high blood pressure.It helps one live as a balanced and integrated Spirit in a physical vehicle, expressing Spirit through each action taken in the world.
  • Lapis Stone is believed to have high intensity and can open many of the chakra centers. The stone is said to increase psychic abilities. It is said to elimintes negative emotions. It is said to be a cure for melancholy and for certain types of fever and i also relieves sore throat pain." It increases Inner power and Love. It is a good stone for precious Friendship also. Prayer Mala or beads are usually used by Buddhists around the world, especially in Tibet, Nepal and India and used for meditation, counting mantras, and prostration. 
  • White metal isn’t as powerful as gemstones when it comes to direct healing, but it’s considered to be the most powerful conductor and amplifier. One of the great things about white metal is the fact that it works with all crystals, gemstones, and other metals such as copper…and actually boosts their natural abilities. This means it’s excellent to use with jewelry- which is great because healing is best when close to the skin.


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