Imitation Amethyst Stone Mala

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  • Materials: Imitation amethyst stone, howlite stone and white metal
  • Amethyst stone beads and howlite stone beads are of 8 mm each respectively
  • Howlite stone Guru bead is of 10 mm
  • The mala is around of 20 inch long from top to bottom
  • Howlite stone and rings are used as sparcer beads
  • There are 108 beads excluding sparcer beads
  • Thread is purple in color with sliding knot
  • Handmade in Nepal.


Product Weight(gm) : 35

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  • Amethyst has healing powers to help with physical ailments, emotional issues, and in Energy Healing and Chakra balancing. Amethyst crystal therapies are primarily associated with physical ailments of the nervous system, the curing of nightmares and insomnia, and balancing the crown chakra.
  • Howlite is a stone of awareness. It will give you the gift of wisdom and enlightenment. It can help you connect to higher realms and remove the veils that are blocking the truths in your life. It also increases memory and desire to learn. Brings Patience. Calm. Positive & also Expands horizons and opens the mind to new knowledge. Besides that it proves memory and facilitates learning.And, Fights overactive minds and insomnia. It is good for people who are angry and disappointed. 


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