Stone Inlaid Endless Knot Wall Decor

Product Price : $ 9

• Materials: Wood & coral stone
• Endless knot is hand carved on wood and inlaid with coral stone
• Main color: Dark red
• It is around 5.6 inch long and 4.1 inch wide
• Handmade in Nepal.


Product Weight(gm) : 60

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• Coral represents diplomacy and concurrence.It is still used today as a protective talisman against evil spirits. Coral is also beneficial for bone growth and helps those who suffer from arthritis and other bone ailments.It can ease digestive problems, eye problems and blood-circulation disorders. It is known to quiet emotions, bring inner peace, and facilitate intuition, imagination, and visualization.It can be damaged by hot water, bright sunlight, and cosmetics and other chemicals.

• In Buddhism, the endless knot (Skt. shrivatsa; Tib. dpal be'u) is a closed, graphic ornament composed of right-angled, intertwined lines. It overlaps without a beginning or an end, symbolising the Buddha's endless wisdom and compassion. It indicates continuity as the underlying reality of existence.



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