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Are Pendant Necklaces In Style?

Are pendant necklaces in style? This question has been on the mind of accessory lovers for ages. In the ever-changing world of accessories, trends come and go. However, the good news is that pendants are accessories that never go out of style. People have used pendants in the past, they are using pendants in the present, and they will continue to use pendants in future. In other words, Pendant necklaces are a classic option that never goes out of style.

In this blog, we will explore the historical significance and appeal of the pendants. Along with this, we will also discuss some of the types of pendants. So buckle up as we look at why pendant necklaces never go out of style.

Historical Significance of Pendants


Did you know that pendants have been used since ancient times? Pendants have served as a powerful form of expression and spiritual accessories.

Egyptian Civilization

In Egyptian civilization, pendant necklaces were used with precious gemstones. The pharaohs of ancient Egypt wore pendants bearing auspicious scenes. In these forms of pendants, the scenes depicted were usually associated with the gods and deities they worshiped.

Other pendants were shaped like flies, winged scarabs, and vultures in the same era. Archaeologists have also found pendants depicting the eyes of Horus and falcons.

Middle Ages and Renaissance

In the middle ages, pendants such as the cross were associated with Christianity. In this era, men were also depicted wearing pendants associated with weapons. Similarly, females were said to wear pendants for sentimental reasons.

With the onset of the Renaissance, pendant necklaces became works of art and personal significance. The delicate and ornate pendants were worn as status by the rich. Additionally, it was also during this time that pendants began to be associated with Fashion.

Pendants in Asia

Pendants have been an integral aspect of culture in India and Nepal for centuries. They are crafted in the shape of religious figures such as lord Ganesha. Therefore, pendants have held spiritual, religious and cultural significance in these parts.

Similarly, in China, pendants such as “Pi” jade pendants have been regarded as highly significant. Other popular forms of the pendant in China include dragon pendants and Yin-Yang pendants. Meanwhile, traditional pendants such as Buddhist prayer beads or “Neju” have been worn for spiritual practices in Japan.

Modern Era

In the modern era, pendants continue to carry historical and spiritual significance. Along with this, pendants are also used as fashion accessories. Because of this, the ongoing fashion trend determines the type of pendant in style. Regardless, it does not diminish the fact that pendants are still in style.

Timeless Appeal of Pendants


So now that we know about the historical significance of pendants in various regions, let’s talk about why pendants are so timeless. One of the main reasons behind the timeless appeal of pendants is their versatility. Because of this, there is a perfect pendant necklace just for you, regardless of what you need. There are pendant necklaces for healing, spiritual practices, and pure aesthetics. But besides their versatility, some other reasons why pendants are timeless accessories are as follows:

Personal Expression

One of the reasons why pendants are still in style is because they offer a unique way to express yourself. You can find a perfect pendant for your beliefs and ones that reflect your personal journey. There are pendants with symbolic engravings and religious aspects that you can use to show your belief. Along with this, you can also customize your pendants. Pendants serve as a visual expression of your values and beliefs. Because of all of these reasons, pendants continue to be in style and relevant.

Attractive and Eye Catching

Besides being a personal expression, it would not be an overstatement to say that pendants can be attractive and eye-catching. They can easily be the focal point, whether it be a sparkle of gold or a shine of gemstone. But the attractiveness of pendants is not just limited to gemstones and expensive metals. You can have a simple pendant with a minimalist design, and it can still be extremely attractive.


Another reason why pendants are timeless is because of their layering potential. You can easily layer up pendants of different styles and attract all the gaze towards yourself. Besides layering with pendants, you can also layer pendants with necklaces and form your own fashion style. Because of this reason and the sheer variety of pendants, they can always remain in style.

Emotional connection.

Along with fashion sense, pendant necklaces may also carry emotional significance. This is especially so if the pendant is a keepsake or is associated with someone you love. In this case, a pendant becomes more than just a piece of spiritual jewelry; they become a means to remember a person. Besides personal emotional connection, pendants can also form emotional connections with a location. This is why the concept of souvenirs exists. Now add the fact that pendants can be passed down through generations, and it would be easy to understand why pendants never go out of style.

These are just some of the reasons why pendants never go out of style. So it is not the question of “Are Pendant Necklaces In Style?” but rather “why are pendant necklaces in style”. But from our explanation here, we hope you got the gist of the reasons.

Types of Pendant Necklaces


Now that we know the core of our topic let’s talk about some popular types of pendant necklaces. Now do note that although pendants and necklaces are used interchangeably, they are not the same. If you want to know the specifics behind the differences, take a look at our blog about Locket Vs. Pendant Vs. Necklace. But to keep it brief, pendants are pieces of jewelry that hang from a necklace or a string. With this into consideration, the following are some of the popular types of pendants.

Symbolic pendants

These are the types of pendants with deep meaning associated with them. Symbolic pendants can be associated with religion, culture, or spirituality. Some of the popular examples are Tibetan Prayer wheel pendants and Endless knot pendants.

Birthstone pendants

These are the pendants that are associated with your birth month. Birthstone pendants are generally gemstones with spiritual properties. They provide specific benefits based on your birth month. If you want to know more about this, do check out our blog on “Which Pendant Is Good To Wear in 2023?“.

Statement Pendants

Statement pendants are the ones that are designed to attract the eyes of people. They feature large designs and intricate carvings to make them more eye-catching.

Minimalist pendants

As their name suggests, minimalist pendants are simple pendants without much design. They feature simple designs and simple symbol engravings.

Coin Pendants

Similar to minimalist pendants, coin pendants are simple pendants made in the image of a coin. The coin’s design may vary; however, they often reflect real coins of a specific era.

Customized pendants

As their name suggests, customized pendants are the types where you determine the design. Now these pendants can have spiritual or sentimental value. Additionally, customized pendants can simply be pendants meant for fashion as well.

These are just some of the popular types of pendants. However, as you may already know, many other types of pendants exist.


So the answer to “Are Pendant Necklaces In Style?” is “Yes they are!” and they will likely be so in future. How can we say so? It is because pendants have been in style from ancient times to the modern era. We already talked about how pendants were used back in ancient Egypt, the Medieval Ages and Renaissance. The fact that centuries of changes have not diminished the use of pendants tells us that pendants are not likely to go out of style anytime soon. Sure, the specifics of the pendants in style may change. However, the pendant itself is likely to remain relevant. A part of the reason for this is its versatility. Another part is the symbolism and emotions we attach to this piece of jewelry.

In the end, pendants are accessories that have been in style to this day!

We hope you found this helpful. If you want further insights regarding pendants and other spiritual accessories, do check out some of our other blogs. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

FAQ on Pendants

Q: Can you wear a pendant as a necklace?
A: Yes, you can wear a pendant as a necklace, as pendants are hung from necklaces and other forms of string.

Q: What is the purpose of a pendant necklace?
A: Pendant necklaces can be used for ceremonial, magical, religious, sentimental, or funerary purposes. They are also often used as a symbol of wealth and status.

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