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10 Benefits of Wearing Rudraksha

10 Benefits of Wearing Rudraksha

Rudraksha beads are iconic seed beads that are sourced from the Rudraksha tree, scientifically known as Elaeocarpus Ganitrus. This is a unique seed that has multiple faces and a natural hole in the middle. The fact that every rudraksha seed/ bead naturally has a hole in the middle and comes with faces also means that every genuine rudraksha, regardless of what face they have, is natural as well.

Alternatively, as per the myths, Rudraksha is formed when the tears of lord Shiva fell on earth. Because of this, rudraksha seed and rudraksha mala, as a result, are tied with many benefits. So what are these benefits?

Benefits of Wearing Rudraksha

  1. Wearing Rudraksha provides blessings of lord Shiva
  2. Protects us from dark energies
  3. Helps overcome unnecessary, especially fear of Death
  4. Improves concentration
  5. Improves Decision making
  6. Improves Insight
  7. Increase Resilience
  8. Improves the power of Detachment
  9. Cleanses our Aura
  10. Improves our Devotion

What are the benefits of Rudraksha? The honest answer to this question is, “it depends on the faces or mukhis of rudraksha.” Each Rudraksha seed has a different ruling house, Beeja Mantra, and the lord associated with it. That said, we can take a few common benefits that one can get from Rudraksha Seeds and Rudraksha Mala.

If you want to learn more about the faces of rudraksha and theirs, we took a gmilmse at this topic when we talked about the best rudraksha for men and women.

1) Wearing Rudraksha provides blessings of lord Shiva.

Rudraksha has deep ties with lord shiva. It is rather obvious from the name of this seed bead itself. This is because the Rudraksha name is formed from the combination of Rudra, meaning Roar of lord Shiva, and Aksha, which can be translated to the gift of the gods or tears. Either way, the term Rudraksha is known as a gift or blessing of lord Shiva. Getting the blessings of lord Shiva is undoubtedly one of the biggest Rudraksha benefits.

2) Protects us from dark energies

Rudraksha is diving beads that protect the thought and emotions of a wearer by generating positive vibrations to overcome negative energies and repel dark energies. This combination helps by balancing up the Swadhisthana Chakra, which is considered the second primary chakra as per Hindu Tantrism. When this chakra is balanced, the physical and emotional symptoms of wear disappear, and the wearer gets protection from dark energies.

3) Helps overcome unnecessary, especially fear of Death

All living beings fear the inevitable death. However, by wearing Rudraksha seed beads and Rudraksha Malas, you open up the Swadhisthana Chakra, which is blocked by fears, especially the fear of death. Additionally, genuine Rudraksha is also energized with the blessings of the lord that aid in removing all the unnecessary fears from your life, especially the ones related to death. When this is done, you can concentrate on the things that will go right and mitigate the things that do not.

4) Improves concentration

As we mentioned earlier, rudraksha removes all our unnecessary fears, which further strengthens our concentration. Besides this, you can also use rudraksha for Japa Mala Meditation which is great for increasing your concentration. It guides you to remove all the distractions and focus on the most important aspects of life and focus on what matters most. An energized dissuade you from making half-hearted attempts along with laziness and procrastination.

5) Improves Decision making

Rudrakshas are governed by lords that remove the negative influences from around you and protect you from evil energies. This further enhances your ability to concentrate and removes unnecessary fears. When all of these are combined, what you get is a calm state of mind that can make tough decisions as required. Furthermore, depending on the type of Rudraksha, the governing planet can also enhance your decision-making power. One prime example of this is the six mukhi rudraksha, which is governed by venus.

6) Improves Insight

Intellect, Insight, and comprehension are associated with the Ajna Chakra, which is also called the third eye chakra. As lord Shiva is often depicted as the three-eyed lord, and rudraksha has a deep connection with your third eye chakra. With rudraksha benefits, you can gradually get the required frequency to the third eye chakra and balance it. This gradual balance of the third eye chakra or Ajna Chakra can enable you to perceive reality better, understand your priorities, and enhance your Insight.

7) Increase Resilience

The second chakra is symbolically represented by a crocodile and represents qualities such as resistance, fearlessness, and primal power. As we mentioned earlier, one of the effects of wearing rudraksha is opening the second chakra, also known as Svadhishthana Chakra, and balancing the energies within this chakra point. This benefit of wearing rudraksha is not limited to the removal of our fear and improvement in our concentration. Rather it also extends to increment in our resistance to ill influences, stress, and harm as well.

8) Improves the power of Detachment

The power of detachment is associated with the throat chakra. This chakra point also affects communication and intellect. When this chakra is blocked, one grows a tendency to constantly compare oneself with others and inadvertently grows negative feelings such as sadness, anger, bitterness, and jealousy. By wearing Rudrakshas that affect the throat chakra, like the four mukhi rudraksha, you can provide the throat chakra with the required frequency and color while unblocking the chakra. Once this happens, you can gain some sense of detachment from all the things in the world which further removes the sense of comparison and aids you in focusing on yourself.

9)Cleanses our Aura

Regardless of the mukhi of rudraksha you wear, all of the rudrakshas have their ruling planet and lords. As every rudraksha is blessed by the lords, by wearing and meditating on the rudraksha, you can cleanse your aura. That said, if you are serious about this, you will need to follow the rules and restrictions of wearing rudraksha, or you may not get the desired effects.

If you are curious about the rules and restrictions of Rudraksha, we have talked about this before, so do give it a read.

10) Improves our Devotion

As we mentioned earlier, regardless of the mukhis or type of rudraksha, genuinely energized rudrakshas are blessed by the lords. If you want to reap the best benefits of rudraksha, you will need to follow a few rules and practice devotion. This practice later becomes a habit, and as a result, you can stay devoted to things other than rudraksha. Furthermore, as we mentioned earlier, Rudraksha also works on the third eye chakra, whose effect also includes an increase in devotion.

In the end,

Rudraksha is a blessed seed bead that has its origin written in the epics as the bead formed from the tears of lord Shiva. As such, you can reap plenty of benefits by wearing a rudraksha beaded necklace and rudraksha mala. The benefits we mentioned here are just some of the general ones, as each mukhis of rudrakshas has its own specific benefits.

Regardless, we hope you found this helpful. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.


Q: What are the changes after wearing Rudraksha?

A: After wearing rudraksha, you can feel the enhancement in your concentration, removal of fear, improvement of Insight, and gain additional resistance.

Q: How many days does Rudraksha take to work?

A: Once you start wearing rudraksha, it takes around seven to eight days to work.

Q: What should you not eat after Rudraksha?

A: You should avoid all meat and alcohol products after wearing rudraksha.

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