Shipping Details

We ship through several express courier companies
such as DHL, Fed-ex, and Aramex. Delivery takes 5 to 7 days.
Charges are according to the weight of total items selected.
For example - if you select 10 items and the total weight is 450 grams
then you will have to pay only $50 as shipping charges.

Shipping charges will be calculated automatically before check out.
Please check the shipping charges below:

1 gram to 499.9 grams $50
500 grams to 999.9 grams $60
1000gram (1kg) to 1499.9 gram (1.499kg) $70
1500gram (1.5kg) to 1999.9 grams (1.9kg) $80
2000gram (2kg) to 2499gram (2.499kg) $100
2500gram (2.5kg) to 2900gram (2.9kg) $108
3000gram (3kg) to 3499gram (3.499kg) $120
3500gram (3.5kg) to 3900gram (3.9kg) $125
4000gram (4kg) to 4499gram (4.499kg) $135
4500gram (4.5kg) to 4.999gram (4.999kg) $195
5000gram (5kg) to 5499gram (5.499kg) $200
5500gram (5.5kg) to 5999gram (5.999kg) $205
6000gram (6kg) to 6.499gram (5.499kg) $210
6500gram (6.5kg) to 6999gram (6.999kg) $215
7000gram (7kg) to 7499gram (7.499kg) $220
7500gram (7.5kg) to 7999gram (7.999kg) $235
8000gram (8kg) to 8499gram (8.499kg) $250
8500gram (8.5kg)) to 8999gram (8.999kg) $260
9000gram (9kg) to 9499gram (9.499kg) $270
9000gram (9kg) to 9499gram (9.499kg) $270
9500gram (9.5kg) to 9999gram (9.999kg) $285
10000gram (10kg) to 10499gram (10.499kg) $300
10500gram (10.5kg) to 10999gram (10.999kg) $305
11000gram (11kg) to 11499gram (11.499kg) $320
11500gram (11.5kg) to 11999gram (11.999kg) $335
12000gram (12kg) to 12499gram (12.499kg) $350
12500gram (12.5kg) to 12999gram (12.999kg) $365
13000gram (13kg) to 13499gram (13.499kg) $375
13500gram (13.5kg) to 13999gram (13.999kg) $400
14000gram (14kg) to 114499gram (14.499kg) $405
14500gram (14.5kg) to 14999gram (14.999kg) $415
15000gram (15kg) to 15499gram (15.499kg) $430
15500gram (15.5kg) to 15999gram (15.999kg) $440
16000gram (16kg) to 16499gram (16.499kg) $460
16500gram (16.5kg) to 16.999gram (16.999kg) $475
17000gram (17kg) to 17499gram (17.499kg) $480
17500gram (17.5kg) to 17999gram (17.999kg) $500
18000gram (18kg) to 18499gram (18.499kg) $515
18500gram (18.5kg) to 18999gram (18.999kg) $530
19000gram (19kg) to 9499gram (19.499kg) $550
19500gram (19.5kg) to 19999gram (19.999kg) $560
20000gram (20kg) to 20499gram (20.499 kg) $580
20500gram (20.5kg) to 20999gram (20.999kg) $595
21000gran (21kg) to 21499gram (21.499kg) $600
21500gram (21.5kg) to 21999gram (21.999 kg) $615
22000gram (22kg) to 22499gram (22.499kg) $625
22500gram (22.5kg) to 22999gram (22.999kg) $645
23000gram (23kg) to 23499gram (23.499kg) $660
23500gram (23.5kg) to 23999gram (23.999kg) $675
24000gram (24kg) to 24499gram (24.499kg) $690
24500gram (24.5kg) to 24999gram (24.999kg) $700
25000gram (25kg) to 29999gram (29.999kg) $600
30000gram (30kg) to 34999gram (34.999kg) $650
35000gram (35kg) to 39999gram (39.999kg) $700
40000gram (40kg) to 44999gram (44.999kg) $750
45000gram (45kg) to 49999gram (49.999kg) $800
50000gram (50kg) to 54999gram (54.999kg) $850
55000gram (55kg) to 59999gram (59.999kg) $900
60000gram (60kg) to 64999gram (64.999kg) $950
65000gram (65kg) to 69999gram (69.999kg) $1000
70000gram (70 kg) to 74999gram (74.999kg) $1050
75000gram (75kg) to 79999gram (79.999kg) $1100
80000gram (80kg) to 84999gram (84.999kg) $1150
85000gram (85kg) to 89999gram (89.999kg) $1200
90000gram (90kg) to 94999gram (94.999kg) $1250
95000gram (95kg) to 99999gram (99.999kg) $1300

Economy Shipping Detail:

1 gram to 19.99 gram $5
20 gram to 49.99 gram $7
50 gram to 249.99 gram $9
250 gram to 499.99 gram $13
500 gram to 999.99 gram $18
1000 gram to 2000 gram $24
 We ship items within 3 business days after receiving payment.
We send all the details of shipping and tracking number immediately after shipping to your email address.