Rudraksha Seed Wrist Mala with saligram and hindu om

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 Antique colour rudraksha seed wrist mala (9 mm) with saligram stone bead (8 mm),metal ring and white metal hindu om charm ( 21mm X 13mm).There are 22 beads. It is made adjustable to fit any wrist size with elastic thread.

Hand made in Lotus Handicrafts,Boudha Stupa,Kathmandu,Nepal.

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  • The seed is produced by several species of large evergreen broad-leaved tree. They are associated with the Hindu deity Lord Shiva and are commonly worn for protection by his devotees. Rudraksha creates your very own insurance vitality, and shields the wearer from negative energies. The mala can be worn constantly, incorporating into the shower. Perceptive Hindus may take after different tenets while wearing a Rudraksha dab, for example, keeping away from to eat meat and liquor, as a feature of picked way of life. Single rudraksha mala might be worn around the neck as a type of assurance, or on the skin in different types of gems, for example, arm ornaments and hoops.
  • The Shaligram is the most sacred stone worshipped by the Vaishnavas and is used to worship Vishnu . According to shastra worship Shree Shaligram for six values of life ;- Righteous living, Wealth, Protection, good health, pleasures and Spiritual blessing .According to the Vaishnavas the Shaligram is the "dwelling place of Lord Vishnu" and any one who keeps it, must worship it daily. The Lord Krishna himself mentions the qualities of Shaligram to 'Yudhishtir' in the Mahabharta. All the Shaligrams are considered auspicious .Scientifically The Shaligrams are basically described as fossil-stones and characterized by the presence of discus marks. Shaligram-stones (black stones in which fossil ammonites are embedded) are the most celebrated universally. Worship of these stones is widespread and dates back to a distant past. They are worshipped in temples, monasteries and households all over the world, as visible and natural emblems of Vishnu. They are also worshipped in religious functions like house-warming (grha-pravesha, vastu-puja), pacifying rites of different sorts ,marriages and many more.....  
  • Om is a sacred sound and a spiritual icon in Hindu religion. It is also a mantra in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism.Om is one of the most important spiritual symbols.It refers to Atman (soul, self within) and Brahman (ultimate reality, entirety of the universe, truth, divine, supreme spirit, cosmic principles, knowledge).