About Us

Nirvana mala shop also known as "Lotus handicrafts" is a manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of quality Nepali handicrafts and products at wholesale prices since 2002. We manufacture and export diverse Nepali Handicrafts like:

  • Buddhist Malas
  • Singing Bowls
  • Nepali Statues
  • Nepali Bone Necklaces
  • Pashmina Products
  • Nepali Paper Products
  • Wooden Crafts
  • Metal Crafts 
  • and many other Buddhist Ritual Items

Lotus Handicrafts is owned and managed by Dipendra Lal Baniya,and is a company registered with the Government of Nepal, Department of Commerce. 


Our mission is to serve people by selling genuine products and providing top class services to individuals and businesses worldwide. We mainly concentrate on promoting Nepali handmade products to encourage and develop traditional skills as well as the lifestyle of people from the hilly and mountainous regions from where the raw materials originate.


If you would like a custom designed product, we are happy to fulfill your request wherever possible.


Beside our own production of  Buddhist handicraft items, we source products from various art stores and manufacturers. We have experts in various handcrafted products and ritual items such as statues, Tibetan singing bowls and other products displayed on our website. Each and every product is quality guaranteed.